03 February 2013

Back to 1944

On the Australia Day public holiday a few of us got together and banged out a couple of games set in Normandy in 1944.  I didn't get to play - but tried to help by reffing and generally making myself useful (I hope!) rather than the annoying bystander.

In the general hubbub I only managed to remember to take the odd photo so here they are below rather than proper battle reports.

Some 21st Panzer Division Panzer IV Gs manouevre on the battlefield.  One has broken down in a plowed field.  A destroyed SdKfz 222 sits smoking nearby - an unlucky crew who were killed when an artillery barrage aimed at the Pzr IVs scattered onto it.
More units of 21st Pzr Div.  Observers in the house direct fire from 2 150mm armed Lorraine Schleppers, whilst some infantry move forward to get intot he same house.

A sneaky 75mm PaK40 auf 39H(f) guns for some 6th Para Div chaps having successfully knocked out their supporting M10 Wolverine.

British armour comes to the rescue of the Paras, motoring past their 75mm Pack Howitzers.

At the other end of the table in a completely seperate game British Cromwells supported by some infantry swing around the German flank in an attempt to eliminate the Jerry artillery.

This is the artillery park they were trying to reach - unsuccessfully in the end.

Meanwhile a Bren team sat on one of the objectives - protecting it.

A British M5 Stuart sulks behind some trees - hiding from a pack of StuG III G's.
Much of the action on this table was centred around this church.  You can still see the sniper up in the bell tower who remained a thorn in the British side for much of the game.  A Firefly burns on the road while an M10C Achilles attempts to swing around the other side.  You can just see the tracks of the StuG III G the Firefly was gunning for.

Thats all for now

Have fun


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