02 January 2013

Happy New Year & Smash the Stash!

Well Happy 2013 everyone - I hope you have a great year and I hope I manage to get a few Cold War games in this year and manage to finish off a couple of projects.

You may have noticed I made no posts in December.  The main reason for this was that I had to undergo so relatively serious surgery and then recover at home.  Fiddling around on a computer didn't really thrill me at the time and to amuse myself I started plodding through some model kits - just trying to make some as like computing - I wasn't really up to painting anything.

I thought I'd try and knock over a couple of ACE Models kits I'd had hanging around for a while as I wasn't in any rush.  One thing lead to another and I became a little obsessed with making as much of the stash as I could - in a semi-focussed kind of way.

So in December I managed to crank out these kits:

Back Row - Left to Right: 2 x ACE Models 2S1's, ACE Models PRP-3, ACE Models SA-13, ACE Models BMP-1, ACE Models BMP-2, S&S Models BMP-2, MMS BTRD

Front Row - Left to Right: Hasegawa M1 Abrams, 2 x ESCI M113 (with 2 x Dragon TOW Ground Launchers in front of them), 4 x Dragon HMMWV - 2 with TOW Systems - 2 which will be armed with Mk 19 Grenade Launchers, 2 x S&S Models GAZ-66, 1 Britannia BRDM-2 which I had somewhat dodgely converted into a BRDM-2 rkh (and in front of them is an ACE Models ZU-23-2)

I also managed some other bits and peices - but they were not really photo-worthy so I've not posted them.  So I'm feeling relatively chuffed with myself - although I haven't really managed to smash the stash that much - I at least took it down a couple of pegs.

Enough for now - next up will be a report on building an ACE Models BMP-2.

Have fun



  1. Excellent progress over a difficult time Richard.

    All the best for a new year.

  2. Hope the recovery is going well. Love the blog!

  3. Thanks guys - appreciate your thoughts