22 November 2012

S&S Jagdpanzer Kanone & Beobachtungspanzer W-I-P Part 2

Well I finally got some time to get back to moving on these two AFVs along again  - as I'm trying to finish them in time for The Guild Task 5 deadline.

I'd say that the Jagdpanzer Kanone is about 95% done (just needs decals and final weathering) while the Beobachtungspanzer is about 50% done (it needs a lot more painting etc).

I managed to take a couple of quick photos last night:

You can see some other projects lurking in the background....

I've got about a week to finish these - so I'm reasonably confident they'll be done in time.



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  1. Richard - a superb blog and one I enjoy, the HQ work is an absolute gem, keep up the great work, and I would like to present you with a Liebster award, details below