06 September 2012

Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Late War German Heavy Weapons

Part of the reason I only managed a couple of vehicles for my Task 4 group build was I had just got back from holidays, wandering around some very interesting WW2 battlefields, and just before I left I had got a box of PSC German Heavy Weapons.  Of course when I got back I had to have a go at putting them together and painting them.

I was pretty happy with the PSC Heavy Weapons set when I first looked though it.  Sure there was a couple of slightly odd figures - I certainly didn't really like the way the mortar loaders were holding mortar shells like a pair of dumbells, and the chap dragging a box wasn't really my cup of tea - but the majority of the figures and poses were great.

I had read some concern about the size of the mortars as well, and at first I thought the 120mm mortar in particular was a bit tiny - but having now stood in front of one at the French Army War Museum in Paris, I'm now 100% fine with the mortars.

Anyway - onto the pics (which are very yellow - sorry) with perhaps some explanation.  First the MG42 team:

Totally impressed with these.  They look absolutely normal and accurate to my eye, fit together well and paint up very nicely.  The only change I made was to do a simple head swap with one of the "pointers".

The 80mm mortar team:

Again I really liked these.  I used figures that were "assigned" to both the 80mm and the 120mm mortars to provide a bit of variety on the bases and I cut the second mortar shell from the figure who looked like he might be doing arm curls with them.

Panzerschrek Team

This is just one of the teams - although the other "team" is actually just the gunner.  Straight from the box - does the job perfectly well as far as I'm concerned.


The set comes with 4 (from memory so I could very well be wrong) chaps with panzerfausts - 2 standing and 2 kneeling/firing.  That's just enough panzerfausts for the Platoon Commander's squad and the three rifle squads in a standard German platoon.  Personally I would have preferred probably another pose as well (so 2 more panzerfausts) instead of the second panzerschrek gunner - but that's just me.  In fact I used the panzerschrek gunner to make a simple - and slightly dodgey conversion - but I think it looks more like an "action" pose compared to the standing guy.

These chaps provide a fair amount of heavy support to my PSC German Infantry - which I showed here and that's not all.  In the unpainted pile from the same box I have another MG42 team, another Panzerschrek team, and two 120mm mortar teams.  I could possibly build another 80mm and 120mm mortar team but I think they are probably unnecessary at this point in time.

More WW2 Germans to follow soon

Have fun...



  1. Lovely work Richard, they look a treat and well worth a purchase.

  2. Wow great! I Think I should buy a pack, cause the MGs look so great!
    I don't need any more mortars (9x81mm + 2x120mm) and no more Panzerschrecks, but... The MGs :)
    Thanks for sharing!