02 September 2012

Hello Marders

Sad title I know...

Anyway - this is my Task 4 Entry to the 2012 Group Build on The Guild.  Unfortunately I was away for a fair amount of the Task 4 period - and I had a bunch of competing priorities - some of which involved painting miniatures which unfortunately did not fit intot he theme of my 2012 build.

So - what does all this mean - basically that I only finished a couple of Revell Marder 1A3's for my build, and as they are a commission for a mate of mine, they won't be being added to the collection.  But.. doing this means adding other new models tot he collection so overall - definitely worth it.

Previously on this blog I posted a couple of my own Marders and more on them can be found here

So - just before I jump into the photos - one more excuse... - I ran out of dullcote so they are still a little shiney in my opinion.

Here we go:

And finally a pic of Simon's new Marders with my older, dirtier Marders:

So I have another 8 or so Marders of my own to build, plus a couple more of Simon's so I may be boring you with tons of Marders over the next few months...

Have fun


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