19 December 2011

"WINGS" Build Part 2 W-I-P

Very quick update and poor photo.

Spent a little time over the weekend putting the MiG-27 together. Nice straight forward build - only problems I had was with the undercarriage flaps. Like most models the MiG is expected to be displayed with its landing gear down - not flying like I need it. Managed to stuff up the forward bay a lot - have not decided whether to leave it as is of simply fill it in with putty. Main undercarriage bays worked a little better - but still some gaps.

Anyway - here's my crappy photo - taken quickly with my ipad...


Next stop - putty!

Have fun...



  1. Hey just wanted to give a heads up "Chieftains" by Bob Forrest Webb is now available as a kindle book. Thank god. The paperbacks and such was almost 150-200 dollars

    1. Cool, I've been after this book for ages and couldn't afford it. Didn't even have it at the Haye on Wye Book festival! Thanks for the heads up.

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