14 December 2011

The Guild "WINGS" Speed Build

A new speed build has been announced on The Guild and it is simply called "Wings". It comes to an end on
2nd January 2012 UK time.

I had some ideas of what to do - initially I was going to add some riot wings to my Humber Pig - which I thought was a pretty cool and unique idea - however I decided my limited scratch building skills were not up to it so I moved on.

I have at least 3 aircraft kits either built or built & undercoated which I could have used the build to finish off - but I think in the spirit of the speed build you are supposed to start from the beginning and finish off the entry - rather than start 1/2 way through. So none of them would do.

Have a look through the model pile I discovered a kind of forgotten about kit that perfectly fit the bill. Bought a while back from Hobbyco in Sydney for the princely sum of $12.95 how could I go wrong. And it fits perfectly with everything else I'm doing.

So here is my entry (thus far) - An Academy MiG-27 Flogger D:


And just to prove it is completely unstarted:


Everything is still in its bag - ready for making, hopefully this weekend.

If all goes well, I'll probably use all the same colours, technique etc to paint my built and undercoated Su-25 Frogfoot.

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