19 July 2011

Soviet 9K111 Fagot Teams

Another short but hopefully sweet update this week.

Over on the The Guild they recently had a groupbuild, with the omly criteria being that whatever it was you did had to be on a 40mm base. This fit in quite well with a couple of Soviet 9K111 Fagot (NATO Designation: AT-4 Spigot) teams I had wanted to finish.

You can find out more about the Fagot/Spigot here

The Models

My teams came from Liberation Miniatures, which includes the firer and loader (one of which I swapped around for a more observer type figure) also include the base of the launcher attached to a kind of rocky outcrop. It looks kind of weird, but makes the missile launcher unit much more stable than it would be without it.

I didn't have any LibMin Fagots handy, but when I got my last S&S Models order I had asked for a number of these missile units to attach to my BMP-1s and BMD-1/2s. I decided to use them, and they fitted in very well with the LibMin figures.

The Look

This is the look I was going for:


And this is what I ended up with:





I think they came out OK. I'm not happy with how the Woodlands Scenics turf turned out - I have to work on that...

Anyway... here's a couple of Fagot/Spigot youtube clips:

I found it interestingt he way the tube pops open before the missile launches.

Have fun


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  1. Richard,

    Really excellent looking teams and great links to the videos. Super!