11 July 2011

Cromwell Models FV105 Sultan

A fairly quick update this week with my version of a Sultan. A member of the very cool CVR(T) family every modern British force - in real life or in miniature - needs at least one. You can find out a little more about the Sultan here and alot more about the whole CVR(T) family here.


I'm a little bit of a fan of Cromwell Models - apart from the difficulty you can have in getting them - and this little beauty sits right up there with the rest of their stuff that I have seen. Its a very simple little kit - just 3 pieces from memory - the body and two sets of tracks.

My only problem was that the tracks had a quite significant bow in them and needed to be bent back into shape. Not having much experience in this I probably tried to do it too speedily and ended up snapping one of the track sections in half. This did, however largely solve the bow whn both peices were glued seperately to the hull.

Apart from that it was all very straight forward and painted up extremely easily. I liked it so much I'm trying to work out if I need another one!

Here are some photos of the completed effort:

Front angle

Side shot

Rear view

Finally a couple of clips from youtube:

Good quality clip with nice look at details

View from the Commander's hatch

Convoy - including 4 Sultan's

That's all for now

have fun


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