10 June 2011


First up - thanks for all the nice comments to the last post. Rather than answer any questions there I thought I'd simply update the WIP with the work I completed today and answer any questions raised in this post.

So - to get into it - here is the next WIP photo


Not the greatest photo for comparison purposes - but basically all the vehicles have been drybrushed as far as I think the should be, and have a few extras like tracks, some rolls etc painted. This will probably be as good as they will get before the game on Monday as I'll be going down to Canberra for the next couple of days.

I'm liking them all a bit more now, and feel that once they have had the crew painted, all the bits and pieces done etc - they'll look fine.

Once they are totally complete, I will do one of my standard painting tutorials to show exactly what I used - but to answer the questions:

Basecoat Green - is FoW Warpaint British Armour.

The Warriors in the previous photo were from Revell - OOP now as I undersatnd it.

Mark correctly identified crewing options. Liberation Miniatures also does British AFV crews.

That's about all for now

Have fun



  1. Richard

    How did you get your black wibbly wobbly lines so tiday?


  2. Chieftain mk5 grinding across Bin Laden's face....You have no idea how much money I would pay to see that in real life. ;)