31 March 2011

Soviet Update & Work-In-Progress

Just a quick update this week - as I promised a few weeks ago to give a general update on the project from each participating nation I'm collecting.

As you would be aware the Soviets took up a lot of my energy last year - and I had hoped to be near the end of finishing the off (as if that's ever going to happen).

But in the meantime I have picked up the odd bit 'n piece and so now have a new pile of Soviet stuff to do.

So here's the pile:


As you can see I have a few more ACE kits including
1 x BMP-1 (yes - another one...)
1 x PRP-3 (kind of counts as yet another BMP-1)
1 x 2S1 Gvozdika - which I think looks really cool
1 x MTLB witha AT-6 missile (but it will be built as a straight MTLB)
1 x ZSU-23 (central in the small plastic bag).

The other 2 bigger plastic bags contain a Mil-8 Hip and a Mil-24 Hind.

All the troops are a variety of Libmin VDV in berets and jump helmets and these go a long way to completing my VDV force (about 15 mini's short now), which in Rapid Fire Modern terms will count as 2 mechanised airborne battalions - which is pretty damn cool!

That's alll for now. Next week an update and WIP on my US forces.

Have fun


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  1. ACE models BMP1 doesn't enjoy the best reputation as a kit. Will you post your progress here or at The Guild?
    You can suffer before I spend out.