17 March 2011

S&S Models + 15 Club

Just a quick post regarding S&S Models 15 + Club.

As you may or may not know S&S Models has a 15+ Club - meaning that if enough interest is generated in the need for a particular model of a vehicle, that will guarantee 15 or more purchases - then they could be prepared to put same vehicle onto their to-do list.

Samples of the S&S Models catalouge can be found here

The Guild amongst other website and forums is frequented by Shaun Matthews (one of the "S" in S&S Models)and they have a special 15+ club there as well - which Shaun appears to pay a fair amount of attention to. The particular thread can be found here

So what this blog post in aid of... Well I'm pushing for an M106 Mortar Carrier to be on the S&S Models +15 list. What's an M106 - one of these:





The first pics are US Army M106, while the latter are West German. Oddly enough I need them to support my US and West German Cold War forces. Some excellent line drawing of the M106 can be found here

Now I know that ESCI made an M106 - but it is largely unavailable - read rare as hen's teeth - and Britannia made one as part of their Vietnam range - but this is heavily Vietnamised - i.e. lots of crap all over it - and doesn't really suit what I'm trying to achieve and I'd prefer the later version shown in the photos above.

If you are interested you can drop Shaun Matthews and email (see his website) or join the Guild and post it up in the thread there.

Join the masses crying out for a new M106!

And have fun


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