My Cold War Rules, Helicopter & Aircraft Data

One this page I'll provide links to my Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War rules variant and all Weapon, AFV, Helicopter and Aircraft Data.

Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War Rules V6

New Orders and Special Rules V2

Updated BG:CW QRS

NATO Helicopter Data

WARPAC Helicopter Data

NATO Aircraft Data V1

WARPAC Aircraft

SAMPLE COVERS (kindly provided by Jason Weiser)
WARPAC Army Lists Cover

WARPAC Weapons Data Cover

NATO Army Lists Cover

NATO Weapons Data Cover


  1. Hi Richard, first of all, thankyou for all this work, I am playing a game now and really enjoying the completeness of this. Question though; in a vehicle such as the Warrior, can the crew fire the MG and the 30mm Rarden at the same time? It seems like they could but on the other hand, it's a slightly different resolution mechanism for each.

    1. Hi Ragnar - MASSIVE Apology for the slowness of my reply and you've probably moved on anyway, however I'll now answer the question. Assuming you have given your Warrior the Open Fire! order, the gunner has 3 options. To fire the Rarden twice, fire the MG twice or fire the Rarden once and the MG once in the order of his choice.

      Hope that helps...


  2. A quick question. Is the Special AA label in effect with the additional rules or can AA vehicles like the Shilka and Gepard o engage ground targets?

    1. Sorry for the slowness of reply. A "dedicated" AA Vehicle - equipped with guns - can engage ground targets, and can do so quite effectively. Bear in mind though, that they are not really designed to do that, and are typically quite badly armoured, so should not really be hovering around the battle line. If an enemy unit gets close enough though, they can engage them. That would take them off overwatch, and potentially leave your force open to attack from air.

      Bottom line there is nothing to stop you doing this if you want to.