21 June 2024

Some GREAT News!

 Hi All

You may have already seen this but just in case Plastic Soldier Company have recently made an announcement regarding their future plans for Battlegroup.  You can find it here:

PSC Announcement

The paragraph that may be of most interest to readers of this blog is as follows:

As we progress further we have releases planned in consistently over the next few years. We have very definite plans in regards titles for Battlegroup, but also expansion with two new rules systems within the Battlegroup family. One will be looking at the Cold War again, this time matching up the Cold War to the original Battlegroup level of play. So as Battlegroup Commander will mirror NorthAG and its play level, so a new title will do the same for Cold War and the original level of game that Battlegroup aims for… its time the 15mm/20mm Cold War gamers to also get some love! We have other titles pencilled in to expand NorthAG too so all our existing fans will be getting new content regardless of the system you play.

 I'm very excited about this!  Sounds like exactly what I've always hoped for and more in terms of using the Battlegroup core system to play out Cold War games.

Can't wait to see what happens next!



  1. Richard, I enjoy visiting your blog to see what you're doing with Cold War Battlegroup. I have yet to play a game using your rules and supplements but I appreciate all the effort you have put into it. I particularly like the focus on NATO's northern flank. I hope you continue to develop this, and (in my opinion at least) Plastic Soldier Co would do well to enlist your involvement in their upcoming Cold War titles.

    1. Hi Scott. Thanks very much for your kind comments. We'll just have to see what happens!