15 April 2018

New Playtest Part 1

Hi there

It's been a while since I posted as life has seriously gotten in the way. I'm also about to hit that point when my Photobucket account officially ends and I've been looking at alternatives - so today I thought I'd try 4 pictures of the table(s) set up for my last playtest game - which I'll explain more about tomorrow.

So this is a bit of a test.

Table 1 - NATO end

Table 1 - Soviet end

Table 2 - NATO end

Table 2 - Soviet end

Well my test seems to have worked... Fingers crossed!




  1. Richard,
    Over on the Battlegroup forum in the conversation trench, Piers, who is leaving Iron Fist said that they (Warwick and PSC) are not going to use these rules and Warwick is going to go in a different direction (In regards to WWIII)... Comments?

  2. Hi Gunny. I remain in contact with Warwick and Will from PSC. I was always up front that my rules were my effort to play Cold War games using the BG system as closely as I could. Warwick and Piers were happy for me to put them up as very much the beginning of the NORTHAG project and I stated that over time things would likely change. I'm offering up my work, which was developed with some guidance, commentary and assistance by Warwick and Piers, as a starting point to help BG:NORTHAG come to fruition. And all this work has had a role to play in that, so I'm happy.

    I will also continue to be involved as the project progresses and I'll also work on refining these rules and army lists etc until I'm asked to stop. I believe anything we can add as playtesters of this early version will be of benefit to the final product.

    That's my opinion on this


    1. @ Richard,
      Just wanted to say we have enjoyed them immensely and hope they continue to grow and mature. It would weigh my heart considerably if your efforts were ignored or trashed. Your efforts have been much appreciated!

    2. Thanks Gunny. I appreciate your comments