14 August 2017

Danish Home Guard Mortar Load - A Work-in-Progress

An odd title for an odd topic.  Back here in February I posed a question on how to treat a range of Oxford Diecasts to be used as Danish Home Guard transport.  I got a fair few comments which covered a broad range from cover them with cam nets (removable if possible) to leave them alone.

I've been striving to "finish" these vehicles, but one thing I wanted to do was to make up a couple of sabot loads to give at least a couple of vehicles a slightly more military look - or at least a used look.

One such vehicle is this VW Combi-Van ute (as we would call it in Oz):

It seems perfectly suited to a sabot load, and I thought it would make a good transport for my Home Guard medium mortar team.  So I made up a quick and dirty load:

Please bear in mind that much of this will be covered by a tarp, so I really just wanted shapes.  On the sabot are a number of boxes, a Panther spare wheel with some plastic rod added so under a trap it will hopefully look like (or at least give a basic outline of) a mortar base plate, some rod used to give the idea of the mortar bipod, and a larger rod for the mortar barrel.  I also glued three rods together and cut it up to give the impression of mortar rounds in a carrying case.  It's a WW2 thing, but witht he Home Guard that kind of makes sense.  Once the tarp is on I'll add a spade and a backpack on top of the tarp.

So here it is fitted onto the ute's load bed:

Hopefully the next time you see this it will be the final product.




  1. I am constantly surprised and delighted by the level of thought and detail you put into these conversions. Well done.