04 May 2017

Matchbox Phantom FG1/FGR2 - Revisited

Well this is actually a revisit rather than a proper Work-In-Progress.

I try and keep an eye out on new products or procedures that will help my modelling - particularly my aircraft modeling which is not great.  I stumbled across this product...

...and did a bit of investigating, watched a couple of clips on Youtube, and thought I'd give it a go.

I re-sprayed my Phantom with an Acrylic Gloss coat, and started to have use the Panel Line Wash:

This is what it looks like when you pin wash the panel lines.  It doesn't take long as the wash flows nicely along the lines when you dot it on a panel line.  I've used the darkest grey wash here as I tried the medium wash and you couldn't see it very well.  I might try the medium on the underside of the plane as it is lighter.

The idea is you pin wash it one, and then use MiG Enamel thinners to carefully wipe it off, leaving the wash in the panel lines.  It takes a bit of effort - and I'm sure the way I'm doing it is not 100% fantastic - but so far I think it looks better.  I should probably have started on a brown or green plane to start with but the Phantom is the plane that needs the effect the most.

Next time I show the Phantom - hopefully it will look significantly better!



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  1. MIG Ammo products are very good. Not tried their Panel Line Pin washes for aircraft. It can be tedious applying the pin wash but the result is well worth it.