12 April 2017

Bundeswehr Bergepanzer 2 - Another Work-In-Progress

Ahh yes - time for another side project - although I have a sort of excuse for this one.

A mate has asked me to build and paint for him seven Revell Marder 1A3s and a couple of Revell Leopard 1A5s.  Last weekend I started the Leopards and as I was building them (it takes me a while) I decided to throw in one of my own Leopard 1A5 kits I have been holding onto in order to build a Bergepanzer 2.

Back in May last year I reported that Hobbyden was planning on bringing out a conversion set for a Bergepanzer 2.  I subsequently got my hands on the conversion set and had been waiting for the right day to try putting it together.

It was all relatively straight forward, once I managed to find some pics that showed me the back of the Bergepanzer and this is how the build turned out (apologies in advance for the quick and dirty photos):

Just for clarity - all the dark green bits are from the Revell kit, and all the white bits are the Hobbyden conversion set.

I had a couple of bits left over that I wasn't sure of, and I had to glue the dozer blade in a fairly high position directly to the front of the model to hid some gaps between the resin hull and the plastic chassis.

All-in-all though I'm very happy with how this has turned out and it will be painted when I finish the Leo 1A5 build and get to painting them.  Just have to decide on all Yellow-Olive or NATO three tone camo.  Decisions, decisions...



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