07 February 2017

Polish Motor Rifle Platoon

Next on the list for completion in 2017 is my Polish Motor Rifle Platoon.  It's a simple plan really - get enough troops (to begin with ☺) for a full strength platoon, and some support systems. Liberation Miniatures (RH Models) are the only real option in 20mm and it looks like they are starting to expand their Cold War NATO and WARPAC figures - which is great news.

I won't post up a full painting tutorial/guide today (as I left my notes at home) but that will come soon enough.  I found almost everything I needed to know about the Polish uniform at Camopedia which lead me to want the uniforms to look a bit like this:

The camo pattern was called "worm" and was used from 1968 until the end of the 1980's.  Osprey's Warsaw Pact Ground Forces book has a good drawing of a Polish Motor Rifle infantry man - which shows how the camo uniform looks when worn:

I decided that in 20mm I did not need to paint the wormy dots!  So this is how the Platoon Commander and 2IC turned out:

Photos are not the best - I was in a bit of a rush...

Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 3

Each squad has a NCO, RPK gunner, RPG gunner and 4 riflemen.  Squad 3 has one of the riflemen replaced with a designated marksmen with a SVD sniper rifle.

Together the platoon looks like this:

I have about 3 more figures to paint to finish off the FO team, PKM team and SAM team.

That's it for now




  1. They look great- something different to all the usual Soviet stuff... but which side will they fight on?



  2. Looking good. What are they using for transport?

  3. That, Pete, is a very good question... The Soviet side (to begin with!)

    Conrad - Transport wise, BMPs to begin with as I don't own any TOPAS or SKOT-2As and they are appropriate. I do however have some Polish trucks...



  4. Those look great to me! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Really nice paintig! I learned that the Cold War Polish troops had also the "rain pattern" like the GDR Army and the czechoslovakian troops. But this was propably mainly in the 1980ies.
    As you said: in 20mm it is often better to go without the pattern. I did some Esci plastics long time ago (Warsaw Pact) in 1/72 with the rain pattern and I am not satiesfied with the result.
    Looking forward to your upcoming platoon....