15 February 2015

M113 1st Platoon - Group Shots

Thought I'd post up some group shots as well now - but before I do, some details on the platoon.  All 4 of these M113 are S-Model kits. Stowage is a mix of Value Gear, Black Dog, Milicast, Airfix (1 item) and the spare wheel and track links come from an old Esci M113 kit. Cams nets are mostly hand made, with 1 from a mate - so no idea where it came from - Germany I think?

Crew are all Wee Friends, sold by Friendship Games (or Models) on ebay and they have their own website. Dismounts poking their heads out of a hatch on one of the M113's are Preiser figures.

On to the photos:

Next up - my newly completed M981 FIST-V.



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