08 September 2014

S&S Models - Spartan MCT

Right - time for a bot of a change from the Bundeswehr - back to the old BAOR.  This time I've finished a couple of S&S Models Spartan MCTs.  Essentially these were CVR(T) Spartan's with a Milan Compact Turret added.

The S&S Models are have resin bodies and tracks, while the MCT turret is metal.  Metal smoke dischargers were also included.  Very simple to put together - and straight into the painting.

These are painted in my standard BAOR paint jobs.  Sprayed black, rolls of blu-tack added, then sprayed with PSC British Armour green.  Pin-washed with Vallejo black wash, and dry-brushed up from there.  Are are the finished vehicles:

That's it.  Weathering again is standard using Vallejo pigments.

That's it - thanks for looking


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