22 June 2014

Cold War British Infantry

Keeping up the seemingly random nature of my painting and therefore posting, today's photos are of some British Infantry I prepared for our last game.  They are a mix of Liberation Miniatures and Elhiem Figures.

Here goes:

Liberation Minatures British NCOs - Front & Back

Liberation Miniatures Carl Gustav and Light Mortar - Front & Back

Elhiem Figures M72 LAW - Front & Back

Elhiem Figures - Officer and NCO - Front & Back

Elhiem Figures - Milan Teams

One of each (so the match fairly well) - Remote Firing Team - for use with a CVR(T) Striker or a FV438 Swingfire.  Remote was scratch built by me (if you couldn't tell...) and I'm not happy with the humungous sized wire spool - but was the only one I could find and fiddle with in my bit's box.  It will do until I find a more appropriately sixed spool.

That's all for now



  1. Nice work. I like what you've done with the DPM.

  2. Very nice- the remote firing post is a great touch too.



  3. How the devil did you do that DPM camo ????