19 August 2013

West German or Not? Terrain Poll 1

Recently I've gone through a tiny bit of a "modern" terrain building phase as I haven't been that well and putting some of these things together is something I can do watching telly with my wife.  I had a couple of old Superquick cardboard buildings that I thought I could complete fairly easily and then see how "West German" they looked.  These all come from their "County Town Building" selection.

So I thought I'd ask you guys and see what you think.  Here's the first one with some new Elhiem West German infantry for scale (which I'll show in more detail soonish):

This is the Superquick "Farm Hayloft or Barn".  I think this one could pass fairly easily as West German (with a little imagination) and is the most "European" of all the Superquick stuff which is generally very English.  So what do you think?

I was thinking of adding these buildings below to this to make it a real farm complex.
Anyway - the next Superquick building is their "Railway Hotel"  Mine isn't great, but it looks like this, with the Elheim figures again for scale:

I'm not 100% convinced by this one as West German.  I think I could push it a little over the edge though with some German signage or something like that.  I think it will do as a background filler or something like that.  Let me know what you think...

Last one is the Superquick "Police Station or Public Library".  Here is mine again with some Elhiem West German figures:

One thing I like about this one is the ability to easily put men on the roof - like I've shown in the picture.  However of all three I rate this one the least likely to be West German.  It just looks to English to me.

So let me know what you think of the three and I'll have some more terrain items to show you over the next few days - then hopefully onto some figures.

I actually happy for you to say whatever you like (as I couldn't work out how to do a proper poll here, but perhaps you could list the Buildings as 1,2 & 3 (in the order above) and then tell me what you think, something like this:

Building 1: Yes - works for me
Building 2: Maybe - if I squint I guess it looks West German
Building 3: No - You're kidding yourself!

Thanks and have fun...



  1. Bldg 1: looks rather ramshackle, but could be really rural W German, so Yes.
    Bldg 2: prefab sheds, Yes
    Bldg 3: Hotel, Maybe
    Bldg 4: police, I'd use it in with row houses, Yes

    Be advised I have not visited West Germany in about 20 years. Then again, there hasn't been a West Germany to visit in about that long either!

  2. Bldg 1 yes definate
    Bldg 2 Yes definate
    Bldg 3 good add german signage
    Bldg 4 yes looks the part again add signage and with a vw beetle outside a definate

  3. I think they all look West German - think about some signage or a movie poster or something to really hammer home the point.

  4. A tick in the box to all four, and I agree about the signage to make them seem more German than they are.

    Nice one.