20 March 2013

Recreate a photo/movie scene - Build Part 1

Well, instead of the planned Soviet SP Artillery Battery which are still sitting around waiting for decals and weathering, I had an attack of the "shiney syndrome" and jumped into starting my planned entry for The Guild's current build - Recreate a photo/movie scene.

I had wanted to do something that I could also use for gaming, but couldn't find the "right" picture - so the other day I was down at my local hobby store when I spied this
for just $14 - a total bargain.

Ideas started to swirl around in my head and after a bit of internet surfing I came up with these two Cold War-esque photos that I would try to recreate:


At another hobby shop I picked up this cheaply:

So putting that all together - so far I have:

Hard to believe these 2 planes are the same scale!

Now I have to start painting and the weather in Sydney at the moment is not conducive to spraying...  Lets hope showing this W-I-P isn't cursing the project from the start!

Oh well, have fun...


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