02 August 2012

Well I'm Back!

Finally made it back from holidays and whilst I absolutely loved every minute of it, it is nice to be home.

We had a great time in Europe, and my wife was very sporting in allowing me to drag her through a number of battlefields and Commonwealth War Cemetry's searching for relatives.  It did mean we got to see a few spots that really were off the beaten track.

Took more photos in 3 weeks than I think I have taken in my entire life - but just one that fits the Cold War theme of this blog.  Crappy picture as I was in the front passenger seat when around the corner this old beast came - somewhere in Southern Germany:

Picked up a few good terrain ideas for my Cold War gaming tables as well... more on that later.

Anyway - bad to more normal scheduling next week.

Hope you're all having fun...


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