28 September 2011

KGN Vehicle Cards

As I mentioned previously I've created Vehicle Cards covering all the vehicles used in KAMPFGRUPPE - Normandy. You can find links to them on the right hand side of the blog.

All the images I used so far come from this excellent website WW2 Drawings – and I hope he doesn’t mind my using the pics – which I am doing without permission but I in no way wish to breach his copyright or take any credit for his excellent pictures.

I'm also not trying to infringe on GW's copyright - simply to make something useful to KGN players.

Here are some samples:


The idea is that once you have an army list, you print or copy a card for each vehicle in your force. So if you have 4 Shermans - your use 4 cards in the game. Each card has space for you to write an ID of the vehicle - so you can tell your 4 Shermans apart.

Apart from all the useful info taken from the vehicle data in the book - there is also an Ammo counter on the card. The first row is clear - indicating this is the number of rounds you start with in the game. If your vehicle can take HE and AP rounds, you can write your chosen load out in each of the boxes. Once you've shot off that row of ammo - you need to go find a re-supply truck to reload.

Pretty simple really.

Anyway - hope you enjoy and find them useful.


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