21 December 2017

Fabbri Soviet MAZ-535A Artillery Truck

Just a quick update this week.  It's been very busy here and in preparation for having friends over for Christmas I've had to drop WW3 painting and do something a little bit different for a change.  So I've been slamming my way through the contents of Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault, trying to get all the figures painted before we can get in a Christmas marathon of IA games.  With a marathon hopefully meaning more than 1 game!

Anyway... I found I had taken a couple of photos of another Fabbri diecast vehicle I got a while back, which I had not posted up so I thought I would share it now:

This is actually a pretty nice vehicle.  I've seen someone dirty their's up a bit and it looks even better.  I might try and pick up another one down the track.

So that's it for today, and being realistic, quite possibly it for 2017.  As always my plans for the year heavily outweighed my achievements, but I moved a few projects further along the track so all in all I'm pretty happy with the year.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great 2018.  I'm thinking 2018 may turn out to be a pretty special year for me.

Thanks - and happy holidays!



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    1. And happy New Year to you and yours Conrad!

  2. Rich, I just discovered your blog over the holiday break and have enjoyed it immensely. As a battlegroup player I am waiting on NORTHAG but it’s quite a while out. Do you have any recommendations for a similar rule set? Preferred 1:1, I have team yankee and 15mm moderns, but my heart lies with 1:72 so sterling armies now

  3. Found your blog over my holiday break and have enjoyed it immensely. It has motivated me to start collecting 1/72 scale armies even though I already have Team Yankee in 15mm. I am a fan of battlegroup and with NORTHAG a ways out, is there anyway to get a copy of the BG type rules you run?

  4. Hi Casey - I'm glad you've found the blog and are enjoying it. We've played our variant of Battlegroup using 15mm Team Yankee vehicles and it works well - even better in some respects as the table looks that much bigger with 15mm gear on it - less car parky.

    Unfortunately I don't really give out copies of my rules at the moment as I don't want to interfere with BG:NORTHAG. You should be able to pick up a fair amount though from the Lists I've posted and the various AARs. I'll probably add more documents (like some Danish and SNI vehicle stats over time.

    Thanks - Richard

    1. Richard, thanks so much for the reply. Understood about the rules. I am trying to get my father into wargaming and he loves Cold War, can you recommend another system similar to BG? Thank you again for an excellent blog and looking forward to more of your posts

    2. Hi Casey. See my next post!

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    You should be able to pick up a fair amount though from the Lists I've posted and the various AARs. I'll probably add more documents.