07 February 2016

5P85S S-300 (SA-10B Grumble-B) Missile TEL - Part 2

OK - so a couple of posts back I showed some of the construction and painting of the SA-10B Missile TEL.  Over the weekend I set up my "photo booth" and snapped a few photos of the finished beast.

Here they are.  First up - the TEL in travel mode:

Now in ready to fire mode:

The kit comes with four missiles, which fit nicely in the tubes.  Just for the hell of it I painted one and attached it to some plastic rod, which I painted in flamey colours, and added some while fluff.  So - now in firing mode:

So that's it.  Project finished...  Now I just have to read Black Ops and I have everything ready to play!

Have fun


01 February 2016

S-Model - Good News for 2016 - Soviet AFVs

S-Model from China already have a pretty decent range of Soviet AFVs including a couple of BRDM-2 variants:

A couple of BMD variants:

The fairly new BTR-60PB (which I know I'll end up getting to add to my SNI):

And of course my old favourite - the BMP-1:

The good news is that in 2016 they will finally be bringing out this:

That's a big fat YEAH!!! from me.  All I need them to do now is a SA-9 Gaskin variant for their BRDM-2 and my modelling life would be complete... well not really but I'd be very happy!

So - very much looking forward to this release.

And by the way - I'm trying to add a few new things to the blog - will appreciate some feedback when it is up and running.

Have fun


27 January 2016

5P85S S-300 (SA-10B Grumble-B) Missile TEL - Part 1

As promised back in this post - following my purchase and completeion of the "Flap Lid" Radar TEL I decided to buy a Missile TEL as well.

So I went back to the previous ebay seller and picked up this:
 This time - rather than being tricky and painting it all seperately and then finding it no longer fitted together, I decided to glue together all the various main sections and then paint them.

This is a photo of the various sections glued together:

As you can see you get a fair amount of stuff in the box - including 4 missiles - which you will never see as they are inside the missile tubes.  I didn't glue all the missile tubes to the erector arm so I could paint them more easily.  Whilst trying to work out what was what I had a bit of a look here on the AusAirpower website and discovered a little bit more about the Grumble B.

First up - there are 2 different types of Missile TELs.  A master or "smart" TEL called the 5P85S which looks like this:

You'll note it is easily recognisable by the large compartment immediately behind the drivers cabin.

The other variant is the 5P85D - which is a "dumb" TEL and it looks like this:

You'll not the compartment behind the driver cabin is open here.  Both of these photos have been used without the permission of the excellent (as I keep saying) AusAirpower website.

At that point I decided to build the "smart" TEL.

Further study on the Aus Airpower site lead me to this diagram:

Which shows how a whole battery of SA-10B's operates.  Somewhat to my dismay it also shows the missile TELs operate in groups of three - 1 "smart" TEL and 2 "dumb" TELs operating close together.

So... what to do.  The whole idea behind buying these kits - apart from a bit of cheap fun - was to use them as a target of a NATO SpecOps force.  Now it looks like I need 2 more!!!  Not sure what to do about that... I might just keep the one missile TEL as a proxy for the three - or I might get two more.  I think the best thing to do is to carry out a trial game of Black Ops with a command vehicle, radar TEL and missile TEL and see how that goes - then try another game with 3 missile TELs and the two other vehicles and see how that goes.

Anyway... back to painting the TEL.  To further avoid the mistakes I made last time, I put a little blob of blu-tack on the spots that would be major gluing points - or where two parts would need to fit together.

I then undercoated it all in black and then sprayed a basecoat of Russian Green.  Next step was to carefully black-line the whole vehicle.

It's now ready to be finished.

More on that next.



26 January 2016

A Word of Warning - Deutschland '83

A quick word of warning about buying Deutschland '83.

Don't buy this copy...

... if you don't speak German...

I don't speak German.



23 January 2016

Post Cancon Cold War Stash Update

Cancon is Australia's largest wargaming convention held each year around this time in Canberra.  Many game systems have their National tournaments at Cancon and it attracts a pretty decent sized crowd and a fair amount of traders.

Ive been attending Cancon for many years now - firstly as a tournament player and now more of a relaxed shopper.  Its a great place to run into old friends quite randomly - which much to my delight happened again this year - and to catch some real bargains if you're lucky.

Sadly to me - my favourite trader could not make it this year - but my second favourite - Eureka Miniatures was there with the brilliant World War Two AB Figures range - so I was able to "finish" (Ha!) my miniatures purchases for my later WW2 Fallshirmjager and US Army forces.

No traders were really dealing in Cold War minis this year - so I was totally reliant on the randomness of the "Bring and Buy" 2nd hand stalls.

So here's what I managed to snag:

That's 2 Cromwell Model's Warrior MCVs and a Spartan APC and:

A Cromwell Model's PT-76 and ZSU-23-4!  Not exactly sure what I'm going to do with a 5th PT-76 but at the price I got it for I'm more than willing to spend some time thinking about it!

And finally:

S-MARS is not a brand I'd heard of - but for $5 I thought why not.  I had a bit of a look inside once I got home and it looks like a very decent, fast build T-80U.  Right up my alley.

So - well chuffed with my little adventure and its outcomes.  KPI's met for Cancon 2016!



18 January 2016

New Arrivals

I had a couple of new things arrive on the doorstep yesterday which I thought I'd briefly share.

First up is this:

Really pleased this has arrived as Black Ops is the system I'm planning on using for my solo Special Forces attack/sabotage/general sneek around on the the SA-10 battery I've started to show recently.  The Missile TEL arrived last week and is about half way there.

I've heard some good things about Black Ops and am keen to get some solo games in.

This also arrived:

It's a German DVD series about a young East German who gets sent to West Germany to spy on the West.  I really don't know that much about it - Wikipedia link here - but it pressed all my buttons so was a must buy.

I'll let you know what I think of both as I get a chance to read/watch them in the next few weeks.

Off to Cancon on the weekend - so hopefully will get some bargains!


17 January 2016

Warmaster BM-30 Smerch and SA-6 Gainful

Recently I was able to pick up a couple of the new Warmaster 1/72 diecast models so I thought I'd do a quick post to show them off.

First up the BM-30 Smerch, otherwise known as the 9A52-2 Smerch.  Here's a link to its entry on Wikipedia.  Whilst it's actually a little bit late for me and I really should be looking to field the BM-27 - but I haven't been impressed with the BM-27s I've seen online and I've not seen any BM-27s (in the flesh so to speak) in Australia - so I picked up the available BM-30 instead.

Here's what it looks like:

And here's what I'd like it to look like:

I'm not sure when or if I'll re-paint it - as it's not likely to make it to a table top anytime soon.  This is likley to remain an off-table asset - hence my not being to bothered about it not being a BM-27!  I actually don't mind the paint scheme - I just think they went a little overboard with the tyre weathering - especially when you consider they label it "Victory Parade Moscow 2011".  I verymuch doubt the Russians would allow a Multple Rocket Launcher with such muddy tires to take part in a Victory Day parade!

So onto the SA-6 Gainful or 2K12 "Kub".  Here's alink to its entry on Wikipedia and on the Air Power Australia website.  (I've recently added the excellent Air Power Australia link to my useful websites section).

I've been after one of these for a while.  Again I'm not sure how useful it really is by itself - as a battery would have four missile TELs and they would be linked to a couple of radar TEL.  Anyway - here it is:

And here's what I'd like it to look like:

This one is labeled Libya 1987 - and it looks like it's been painted in a late WW2 German 3 tone camouflage pattern...  I'm not sure but it looks like it's going to be very painful to re-paint - the missle erector doesn't move - and the missiles don't come off - so I think I may have to try and take the whole thing apart to take it from 1945 to 1986!

But still - I'm very happy to have both of these in the collection.  I feel like I need one more SAM system - a SA-9 Gaskin - before I can call my Soviet SAM set complete.

That's all for now