31 August 2014

Another Marder.... and the rest!

Another update with another Marder (with more coming over the next few months...)  This too was painted for the afore mentioned game and I think the only newly painted AFV to survive!

Straight into the photos is probably the best way to go:

Now all the recently shown Bundeswehr AFV's together:

That's all for now - next time - back to the BAOR.



28 August 2014

200th Post! - Spahpanzer Luchs

Without really realising it - this is my 200th post!  Quite chuffed with that really.  Was going to celebrate it somehow - but completely forgot about it...  Maybe I should have a competeion or something for post 250?

Anyway, my next completed model is a Revell Spahpanzer Luchs recon vehicle.  This is an interesting kit to build as the suspension etc is pretty complex (I'm sure I managed to build mine backwards!) and very realistic (the rubber parts on the wheels come in 3 seperate peices) and yet none of the hatches open...  So an excellent model - but none of the flexibility, no real options that you would expect in a decent kit.

Here is the box art:

I have about 5 or 6 (or even 7) more of these kits to build.  Normally I try and build things 2 at once - but the undercarriage seemed so complicated, I decided just to do the one.  I must admit though - that the Revell instructions are excellent - it was like a book!  Very detailed strep by step.

So this one got painted in the later Bundeswehr/NATO 3 tone cam.  Here it is:


So there she is.  Pretty sure the Luchs died quite quickly in its first game as well.  A 20mm canon vs a T-72 Super Dolly Parton isn't much of a match!

Have fun


24 August 2014

Leopard 1A4 Platoon

As you would be aware, one of the Cold War forces I collect is the West Germans.  They come with a variety of tank types - particularly variants of the Leopard 1 tank.  Some of these have been a little hard to collect over the years, as many variants were originally made by Esci - which has long since ceased to exist.  Whilst having a bit of a brain snap I managed to pick up 3 ESci Leopard 1A4s from ebay.  Why 3?  Ask the brain snap - somehow I screwed up when I should have got 4...  idiot that I am....

Anyway this is what the box looks like (Borrowed image)

I understand Italeri have now started making the exact same kit - and it looks like this:

So I made all three kits up in one go, and only managed to screw up two of them - but that's another story - and was very happy with the result.  It took me a while to paint them - mainly because I wanted to use a Tamiya spray and of course Tamiya do not do the correct Bundeswehr tank colour...  So eventually after going through a few test cans, I decided to use AS21 Dark Green 2 (IJN) as the base colour, over a black undercoat.  I'll check that later to make sure I've got it right...

I was then able to use my standard black pin wash and drybrush method - using Vallejo Yellow Olive, progressively getting lighter.  I used Elhiem West German crew men, and cut up gauze dressings to make the netting where used.

This got them ready for a game - shown in the last AAR - where being newly painted they died horribly of course.

Over the last weekend I weathered them and now consider them basically finalised.  Here they are:

So that's them.  Obviously I need to get one more for a full platoon, but right now they will have to operate as a written down platoon.

More to follow later this week...


10 August 2014

AVLB Bridge Ramps

In the recent AAR I knew I was going to use my MTU-55 AVLB bridge as one of the major objectives.  Now the S&S MTU-55 model comes with 2 bridges - the folded bridge to be carried by the tank:

and the folded out bride - ready to cross a small river or obstacle:

As you can see in the above photo, the bridge sits nice and flat (as it should).  However, this is a little problem as my rivers (from Battlefront) also sit flat on the table:

So I needed some simple ramp to allow the bridge to cross the river, without resting on the river sides or leaving one side of the bridge up in the air.

The solution was pretty simple and obvious - small ramps to raise the bridge:

And here in action prior to the game:

And in game:

So very happy with that and worth a post!



04 August 2014

Elhiem PAS01 Set

Very quick update (2 in 1 day!) - just wanted to show my take on Elhiem's PAS01 figures.



M113G Panzermorser - Final Part

Everytime I organise a game, I try and use something new or add something to the list that I haven't yet completed.  That way I use the upcoming game as a deadline to try and get things completed by.  In the last game I decided to give my West Germans a boost, and use the game as a boost to finish off several models that I had already built, but never got around to painting.  And to top it off I decided to include a M113G Panzermorser (self-propelled mortar), which I had not even put together, let alone done the necessary conversion work on.  As I said in earlier posts, this is based on the Italeri M106.

The work-in-progress of the build can be found here at Part 1, Part 2 and at Part 3.

So the Panzermorser is now finished... Well actually the two halves are still seperate and it is not crewed... so it's as finished as it's going to be for a while anyway.  Here it is:

That's it for now.



29 July 2014

The Bridgehead AAR

Last Saturday we had the next playtest of our Cold War game, and a long and very useful discussion about rules mechanics, troop quality and technology.  And we had some fun too!  So on witht he show.

We played a variant of the Bridgehead Breakout in the BGK rulebook.  My version of it was that the main Soviet attack was taking place further to the North (or South) to gain a bridgehead.  Meanwhile a small Soviet Recon Patrol, with engineers attached, have put a mobile bridge across the river and crossed, leaving a small guard while the next unit comes up.  The crossing is near an autobahn, possession of which will greatly help the Soviet folow-on-forces.  West German forces have thrown together a response force to try and smash the bridgehead (and the bridge).

The Soviet end of the table looked like this:

You can see the MTU-55 bridging the small river in the foreground.  Here's a close-up:

The table looked like this from the West German table end:

The autobahn is in the foreground, with some smashed up traffic and a small service centre is in the middle of the table.

There were six objectives on the table.  The bridge (obviously), the intersection in the centre of the table and each of the four road exits on the table.

The Soviet force was like this:
Artillery Command Post - in a BRDM-2U (like an FO team)
A 4 tank T-72B1 platoon
A BMP-2 mounted motor-rifle platoon
A 3 gun 2S1 battery
A BTR-70 mounted combat engineer squad
A NBC Recon Patrol - BRDM-2Rkh
A standard BRDM-2
A ZSU-23-4

The West German force was like this:
A 3 tank (reduced) Leopard 1A4 troop
A single Leopard 2A4
A Marder mounted Panzergrenadier platoon
A 120mm Panzermorser
A FO team mounted in a Beobachtungspanzer with an off table 2 gun 155mm battery, with 1 DPICM barrage
A Spz-2 Luchs
A Gepard
An Alpha Jet timed air-strike

The Soviet recon troops defending the bridgehead deployed first:

Followed by the West German recon and a Leo 1A4

Having spent a few days preparing for the game and trying to progress the Alpha Jet and flying stand, I was a little disappointed when we rolled up some inclement weather, which meant no air strikes!  So the Alpha Jet made a very brief journey to and from the table - just for an over-exposed photo!

The West Germans were quickly into action, driving down the autobahn exit to engage the BRDM-2Rkh near the centre intersection.

Which they knocked out, but then suffered a set back and the Leo 1A4 rolled oved a FASCAM minelet.

Soviet reinforcements quickly began to arrive:


And drive further up the table

So did the West German reinforcments

The Soviets started to consolidate their position prior to engaging the West German main body

And after some aggressive manouvering they inflicted some significant damage on the West Germans

The Leo 1A4 platoon was sadly plagued by the fact that it was the most newly painted unit on the board and therefore died first and quite spectaularly!  The 1A4 in the foreground was killed by the RPG from the motor-rifle squad while a T-72 knocked out the 1A4 hiding in the woods.

In revenge a Marder drove forward and the panzergrenadiers spilled out, annihilating the motor-rifle squad behind the supermarket

On the other flank the Soviets continued to grind forward

And another panzergrenadier squad attempts to engage them

But they have misjudged and the BMP-2 is within the minimum targeting distance for the Milan, so it cannot fire.  Taking advantage of this and some poor shooting from the other Pzrgren fireteam, the motor-rifle squad wipe out the fireteam and the BMP-2 attempts to overrun the Milan team

Luckily the ATGM team dodge to one side and escape the BMP.

Back in the centre of the table the Leopard 2A4 successfully knocks ot the lead T-72B1, whilst it's own engine sputters out, stranding it on the rear table edge.  The second T-72B1 knocks out the Luchs, but in a desperate move is repeatedly engaged and pinned by the Gepard, hosing it down with its twin 35mm autocannons.

Things are not looking good for the West Germans.  Their one remaining tank is right down the back of the table unable to move and all 3 Leopard 1A4s have been knocked out.  They have one final Ace up their sleeve though.  The Soviets have fallen into NATO's cunning trap and have grouped their remain 3 T-72B1s near the centre of the table, within the line of sight of the still surviving FO.  He calls in his one DPICM strike on top of the T-72s with stunning results.

Sadly for NATO, it's not enough to stave off a Soviet victory, and the West Germans use the confusion of the DPICM strike to withdraw.

The end result was much closer than we had expected, partially due to the DPICM, but it was a good fun game - and most importantly - it pointed out a few things that will need to be changed.

That's all for now