13 November 2017

S-Model Sheridan

Something a little out of left (or perhaps right) field to keep you all on your toes.  I was never really going to get any Sheridan's as they gad pretty much disappeared - at least in Cavalry units - by my preferred 1986/87 timeframe.  I think the 82nd Airborne still fielded them then.

But with Battlegroup NORTHAG looking at an earlier timeframe I can see the value in having a couple of Sheridan's should I need them.

I got this at my local Wargaming Convention - MOAB - which was just over a month ago in Sydney.  It was a good decent price as well.  Please note I did not make or paint this - what you see in the pick is what I paid for.  So here it is:

Pretty damn well painted in my opinion.

Thanks for looking


05 November 2017

Back to Denmark - Final figures Part 2

OK - so for once I actually finished something when I said I would!  So without further ado I'll jump straight into the pics.  They are a bit large - so you'll have to use your imagination a bit to think that they are actually just 20mm figures.

First up my Hovea SMG armed NCO.  This is a Wartime Miniatures WW2 US Army figure with a Thompson SMG from this set:

Next up my Forward Observer Team - made up of an Elhiem Miniature (the observer) and a Wartime Miniature (the big fingered pointer) from the same previous set - so he was holding a tommy gun.  This was replaced by the scratch-built Hovea. Perhaps I should have reduced the size of his pointing finger - its a monster!

Now my Medic and casualty.  Both are Wartime Figures with the Medic coming from this set while the casualty (more obviously) comes from this set.  The only thing I did was remove the M1 Garand from the casualty as I thought it made him look more like a WW2 figure, while without the gun he could be either a standard Infantry man or a Homeguard figure.

Last up is the 60mm Light Mortar team.  Both AB Figures from this set.   As shown previously they had their small arms removed and replaced by Hovea SMGs and like all the rest, scrim was added to their helmets.

And now the final pic of the whole bunch - with the Medic/casualty in the background.

So that is that job done.  Now the only Danes I have left to do are a small, 8 man,  HJV Special Intelligence Patrol (at some point in the future) and some vehicle crew for a couple of Land Rovers.



30 October 2017

Back to Denmark - Final figures Work-in-Progress 1

Just to keep you all as confused as I am I've jumped back to Denmark to finish off a few figures I needed.  These will probably be my last "standard" danish troops/home guard - although I do have a wee plan for some HJV Special Forces at some point in time.

One of the things holding me back was I needed to convert a bunch of the figures and replace whatever personal weapons they have with Hovea m/49 SMGs.  My research (for what it's worth) lead me to believe they looked like this:

And with the stock folded, like this:

And in situ - like this:

On the chap on the left.

Back in January I made my first conversion of a Wartime WW2 US Infantry figure with a Thompson SMG to look like this:

Now I needed to do it all again - on a slightly more industrial scale - as in I needed to make 5 or 6 SMGs.

Here's what they ended up looking like:

And with the stock folded:

Now added to some Wartime figures with added scrim on their helmets:

The chap above actually has the stock unfolded - but it's hard to see in the photo. 

This chap is part of my FO team.  The stock is folded and the SMG cut down slightly as he is holding the barrel in his left hand.

I also needed a 60mm light mortar team for my Danish Infantry Platoon Command Squad - and I ended up using the AB Figures US 60mm mortar team.  I consider it almost heresy to convert AB figures, but all I was doing was removing their rifles, adding SMGs and helmet scrim.  So here they are:

Above - is the loader.  His SMG (stock extended) is on the ground in front of him.

The No. 2 in the team.  His SMG is on his back (stock folded).  I was going to add a strap but I think I'll simply paint it on.

So that's the Hoveas.  I've also prepared a medic and casualty for the platoon - nothing particularly exciting here.

The casualty

The medic.  He'll be placed on the same base as the casualty.  Both are Wartime WW2 US Infantry figures.

So that's it for this WIP.



25 October 2017

OK.... So it's become pretty obvious I have a problem...

The other day I was looking through the stash and I started to realise that I had accumulated a fair amount of Cold War aircraft.  It's become a kind of guilty pleasure which should last me for years considering how long it takes me to make and paint aircraft.

Now bear in mind these are just the boxed model kits.  If I've gotten rid of the box for some reason - it didn't make the list.  So no inclusion of a C-130, an A-10 and an A-7, a Starfighter, F-16, MiG-21, Su-25 etc.  None of the made and painted aircraft will be shown either - nor helicopters....

So here we go starting with some general Soviet air support:

And some for my Naval Infantry:

In that case I need some air support for my USMC:

And my Royal Marines need a bit as well:

My BAOR need's some more support:

Something for my Danes:

(I'll use another one of those for my Norwegians), plus one of these:

So that just leaves this:

to be used for either my Americans, Belgians or possibly even Dutch.

Well - looking back I realise my problem isn't so bad.  No problem at all actually - so it makes perfect sense to get that Su-24 afterall, and that Su-22, and probably a couple more F-16s and Tornadoes (for the Germans), a Skyhawk, a Bronco, a F-4G Wild Weasel, and F-4 for the USAFE and one for the Luftwaffe and ..........

So.  No problem at all.


21 October 2017

The Berlin Project - Infantry and Urban Bases - Part 2

Well as I said in a previous post here I decided to do a test team to see how the urban bases might look.  I just finished them the other day and managed to take some photos.  I went with a 3 man British GPMG team and here they are:

Now a couple of shots trying to show the urban basing:

And now some diorama/contextual type shots:

So I'd be interested to know what you think