05 December 2016

Cromwell CVR(T) Spartan

Time for another quick update from my "Back to the BAOR" mini-project.  Today I'll be showing you a Cromwell Models CVR(T) Spartan I found in the bring 'n buy at Cancon last year.  Less than a year from buy to build - almost a record for me!

As you would think from Cromwell, this is a beautiful model - all hatches with the ability to be open or closed, lovely detail, no bubbles - all-in-all, pretty much a prefect model.

I hope I can do it some justice:

So that's the model completed.  I still have to crew it - so I'll be getting some crew figures from Friendship Models I think - and it will at some stage need to be dirtied up - but that's for another day.



30 November 2016

S&S Models FV438

Recently I showed you some W-I-P shots of some new BAOR combat vehicles.  Today I'll focus on a couple of S&S Models FV438s.  As far as I'm aware, these are the only FV438 variants available in 20mm.

As I said in the W-I-P post, I did some conversion work on these, mainly to get rid of the wading screens, and added a fair amount of camo netting to try and get the BAOR in combat look.  I also had to replace a couple of parts (because I lost them!).

So here are the finished beasties:

For some reason I managed to turn off 1 light when I took the second photo...

Anyway - that's them.  I'm rather chuffed to finally have these available in my orbat and very impressed with Shaun from S&S Models for making them.  Now I have to see what they can get up to in a game!



26 November 2016

New Airfix Harrier GR.3

I've just finished taking a bunch of photos so I thought I would post a few now rather than wait until tomorrow.

So ages and ages ago when I first started this blog I posted up first one and then another  old Airfix Harrier GR.3s - on the ground.  I knew one day I'd need a flying one for some air support, and now I've finally finished it.

Truth be told, I stole the two laser-guided bombs from one of the old Harrier's (previously stolen from a Buccaneer kit) and stuck them on this Harrier - just for something a bit 'cool'.  The only downside of the kit, from memory, is the only offensive armament is a couple of AIM-9L sidewinder AAM.  I needed something to give it a more CAS feeling!

So here it is:

The last photo is a little dodgy - I was trying to show the ordnance.

Anyway - that's another job done.  Now I just need to finish that RAF Phantom and one day add a Tornado and a Hawk to my asset list.

Thanks for looking


20 November 2016

New Faller VDV Objective - Part 1

Another Part 1...

Just a quick update this morning.  Back in August (here) I showed off an International Hobby Corp small airfield terminal - which when built was drastically underscale and much more useful in 15mm than it could be in 20mm.  Fortunately it only cost $15 so I was happy to give it away to a mate who is collecting a lot of 15mm Cold War kit.

So I remained on the look out for a better scale (at least a larger) airfield set up.  Eventually I stumbled across the Faller 130580 Premium Model or  Sport Airfield - on ebay.  It was pretty expensive - just outside what I would consider a reasonable purchase.

Then the other day I discovered that my local hobby store (not game store) was having a little pre-Christmas sale and all Faller stuff was 20% off.  And it just so happened that they had 2 of these sets.  So for a somewhat more decent price, I picked up one.

And here it is on my office floor:
It comes with a large control tower, a hangar, a diecast Cessna, a truck towing a folded up glider, a couple of other gliders, all the crap in the hangar, cyclone fencing, bins, pallets - all sorts of good stuff.

It's pretty big - so it may take a while to clear some space on my work bench - before it takes a while for me to make it!

I hope to show you more pics soon.



15 November 2016

Back to the BAOR - Work-in-Progress - Part 2

Quick update with a couple more photos.  Firstly a look at the FV438s with their cam netting:

And then a couple of steps later.  All vehicles have been sprayed black, then had blu-tac stripes added and sprayed with Battlefront Firefly Green spray.  The blu-tac was then removed and the vehicles black lined.

From here I'll be working on each of the vehicles somewhat individually (or at least a couple at a time).  I'll be focussing on the FV438s first to finish them in time for a game.

Thanks for looking


14 November 2016

Back to the BAOR - Work-In-Progress - Part 1

I've got a few days off - so I thought I'd try and knock over a few different bits and peices I've had half started for a while now - or I just decided to push them to the front of the queue.
Here's a quick view of the start of this little Work-In-Progress.  First up - a miscast Cromwell FV432:
I've added the missing hatches and cleaned of some of the miscast track pieces.  This will serve as either an objective or just a bit of battlefield clutter.

Second - a couple of Cromwell FV433 Abbot Self-propelled Guns:
I did one with all hatches open and the other all closed - for the hell of it really...

Third - a Cromwell Spartan APC:
I have to admit I saw a picture a bit like this in the new Team Yankee - Iron Maiden book.  Now I have no idea whether or not You would have fired a Blowpipe/Javelin from inside a Spartan - but I thought it looked kind of cool - and it gave me a good excuse to model a Spartan with the roof hatches open.  I put the Elhiem Blowpipe/Javelin figure on a sabot - so I'll probably make another more "standard" infantry sabot as well.

Finally I have a pair of FV438 Swingfire Guided Missile Vehicle from S&S Models:
I've done a little work on these - the most difficult being removing the DD tank type screen that goes around the vehicle.  I beleive they were all removed anyway - and I didn't like the impact on the shape/vision of the standard FV432 hull the screen gives it on the S&S Model.

I think it looks heaps better removed, and anyway - I'm going to cover a fair amount of it up with a cam net.

That's it for Part 1 - Part 2 coming soon.

Thanks for looking


09 November 2016

Airfix 105mm Light Guns - In Towed Configuration

I wasn't planning on posting this today - rather I was going to post some W-I-P shots of a new mini-project - but I thought better of it and decided to post up one of the "final" components of my Royal Marine Commandos in Norway project.

I have no real idea why I wanted to do this particular part of the project - I guess because I could do it, and a small part of my thinks it's kind of cool.  How sad does that make me!

I've previously shown in a couple of posts the Airfix 105mm L118 Light Field Guns in their firing position with Elhiem crew and then together with the Airfix 1 Tonne FC Truck GS Body tow

Anyway - here is what I'm talking about:

This is obviously the gun in its towed position.

I have done this before with WW2 games where I have a towed variant and a deployed variant of the same gun.  Normally only anti-tank guns as in most of my games the artillery sets up right on the rear table edge.  As it comes onto the table I use the tow (and the towed gun) until I get to the point where I want to deploy the gun.  Then I simply remove the towed gun and replace it with the deployed gun and crew.

Works for me anyway...

So - there it is.  The last ground component for my Royal Marines (which also has other uses for some of the light troops reinforcing BAOR or Denmark)

Thanks for looking