29 March 2014

FV432s (and more) finished...

So the latest Guild group build (part 1 of a year long build) finishes tomorrow and I managed to finish my entry today.

Basically I have completed 2 FV432 platoons and 2 CVR(T) Strikers.  These have been painted in my standard way - as explained in the previous Work-in-Progress posts here.  The only real difference with my previous British cold war kit is that I used the PSC British Armour spray as a base coat - and I used Vallejo Pigments and Binder to complete the vehicles today.

If you want to be picky, you could say they are still kind-of unfinished as I've yet to put decals on - but that may never happen so I think they are pretty much done.

Less chat - on with the pics!

"A" Platoon

"B" Platoon

These are all Britannia FV432s, fairly extensively stowed and 4 of them have had S&S Models Peak Engineering Turrets added.  All the figures are also Britannia and come with the vehicles.

As I said I also finished 2 S&S Models Strikers:

Put everything together and this is what you get:

That's it for now...



23 March 2014

1st crack at a Solo game

I've been fiddling around with some Cold War rules for a while now and thought it was time to put up a table and have a little crack to see how they go.  No details here yet, just thought you might appreciate some pics:

This is the table layout - pretty simple really.

A close-up of the supermarket and the farm

NATO deployment - 2 were dummies, 1 real unit.  I randomised it so I didn't know which was which.

A recce BMP-2 enters the table.  I also randomised the Soviet entry point for both the BMPs that made up the small Soviet force.  The 1st came on to start the game, the second would arrive at a randome turn - a 6 on a D6 for turn 2 - 5 or 6 on Turn 3 etc.

The M3 Bradley CFV reveals itself - thus also revealling that the other 2 markers were dummies

Soviet infantry dismount behind the farm....

... and the infantry rapidly moves through the empty barn.

Meanwhile the Bradly has moved behind the supermarket to engage the second BMP-2, which of course arrived on Turn 2.  Looks like it's all over for that BMP.

But alas - it has taken the Bradly too long to destroy the second BMP-2 and meanwhile the first BMP and it's dismounts have manoeuvred onto the CFV's flank.

The RPG gunner takes aim and shoots...

... and the result was never in doubt...

I played the game through again - and proved to myself that in close country, 1 unsupported Bradley CFV cannot match 2 BMP-2s with infantry - especially the way I roll dice!

So - very first test complete - not exactly 100% sure what I learnt - but it was kind of fun and I'll be much better set up in the next 2 tests which will be coming soon.

Next - Back to FV432s...



22 March 2014

Sad day at the workbench

After 15+ years of great service my lamp died - partly the reason for a lack of progress recently - and I've been finishing off some other things...

It's not quite meant to hang droppy headed like that.  In desperation I took it to an elderly friend who likes a mechanical challenge and after a week he returned it to me - almost as good as new.  I'm very chuffed and was straigt back into painting some little things I can't see without the magnifying glass in the lamp.

Happy days are here again!

Proper post on Monday - see you then


25 February 2014

FV432 Progress Part 3

Thanks for all the kind words thus far - the end is almost in sight for at least some of these FV432s.

Things did not happen quite as "shortly" as I expected in my last post, largely as I had anticipated doing the spray coats over the weekend.  I seemed to have forgotten you actually need spray paint for that to occur.  A teeny hole in my cunning plan.

So on Monday I popped down to my LGS and picked up a can of Army Painter Black Primer and a can of Plastic Soldier Company British Armour spray.

Not terribly exciting pics - but there they are anyway...

24 hrs later - on went the blu-tac stripes:

And then the base colour spray coat:

This is what they look like now - with the blu-tac peeled off.  You may have also noticed a couple of S & S Strikers also made it into the photo. 

I had hoped to get all my FV432s done in February, but time is against me so I decided to limit the work to these 8 plus the Strikers. 

Next up - blacklining...

Thanks again


21 February 2014

FV432 Progress part 2

Progress continues - and all the Britannia FV432s are now ready for painting.

Here what they look like right now - prior to undercoating...

Another update shortly.



16 February 2014

FV432 progress

Today I thought I quickly post up some photos of the progress I've been making with my FV432s.  Best news is that my Peak Engineering Turrets arrived on Friday (6 days from the UK!) so I was very chuffed and decided to crack on with the FV432s over the weekend.

First up I had to finish off the driver's hatches that I was working on in the last WIP post.  Probably not the best example, as it needs a little green stuff work - but here is the finished conversion:

I also had to grind down the main roof hatch to form a space for the Peak turret to fit.  I ended up using a mouse sander to carefully take of most of the hatch and after some more sanding and filing was left with this:

As you can see - a bit of the detail on the roof side and rear was lost but most of that will be covered up with stowage.  Poles here for example.

Of course the S & S models Peak turret base was much smaller than the resin circle I had left over from the sanding (forgot to take a pic here).  So after some creful work it looked like this:

And this

Next step was to work on some green stuff tarps.  I'm pretty hopeless with greenstuff - but this is how they turned out:

As you can see I've added fascines to some of them.  In the future it will help identify oneof the platoons.

Here's another example with the Peak turret:

And another one:

I'm very happy with the Peak Engineering turret.  Sure it took a bit of work - but it is lovely and really makes the model.

Next up I have to carefully go over each model and start filing in all of the air holes - and there are plenty of those.

Have fun


13 February 2014

FV432 Reference and Inspiration Pictures

The FV432 month continues and the models are making some progress - the only things lacking are my Peak Engineering turrets (which will hopefully arrive next week) and me taking photos...  That's enough said about that.

Anyway, as part of this project I trawled through a few websites etc to find some good reference and inspiration photos, so I thought I could share some of them here.  None of this is done with the permission of those that own the photos - so I do beg their forgiveness/indulgence - however these are all on open or public forums or found elsewhere on the net and I will try to name those I know with their work.

My first and best stop when looking for great reference and inspiration photos was Andy's superb blog Cold Wargamer.  Andy has first hand knowledge in this area and is also a very skillful modeller.  Using his models as a guide - you really can't go wrong.  Here are some examples from his site:

Note the excellent scratch built Peak Engineering turret.

Andy's site gives you a detailed how-to to achieve this look and also some W-I-P photos like:

Another cool scratch built job here - a NOD for an artillery FO.

Finally Andy has some excellent "real-life" photos.  Some I've seen elsewhere and some I've never seen before.  Heres a selection I thought really useful:

I love that last photo - really shows the fascine well.

Elsewhere on The Guild I found some good photos of models.  First up one done by the renowned painter Piers Brand:

Here's a couple more I found - sorry, I 'm not sure who the modeller is here:

Finally - here's a few photos I found wandering around the net:

Obviously there are tons of great models and great photos out there on the net - so I hope I can get a suitably lived in look happening for my FV432s.

Thanks - and thanks again to all those out there that have helped my project by showing their inspiring pics.