21 July 2014

M113G Panzermorser W-I-P Part 3

Very short post today - just showing some progress:

As you can see the insides have been touched up, the NATO brown cam stripes have been added to the hull, I've also painted the hatch doors, and started work on the cam netting.  Should be finshed shortly, but won't be 100% finalised until I work out how to crew it.

Happy to take suggestions, as right now it's either using Elhiem British BAOR mortar crew with head swaps of maybe looking at some German WW2 120mm mortar crew with head swaps.  Apart from that I'm drawing a blank.



20 July 2014

M113G Panzermorser W-I-P Part 2

So things continue...

The Harrier hides are completed - I'm just waiting for the right day (read better weather) to take some photos.  In the meantime I did further work on the M113G Panzermorser over the weekend, along with a couple of other things which will shortly make an appearance.

Back to the Panzermorser.  The first thing to do was to add the cam netting - which would of course cover half the detail I added!  Oh well - I wasn't real happy with the smoke grenade dischargers anway - too skinny...

Once dried, I undercoated the M113 in black and then sprayed the outside NATO Green and the inside white:

Of course I forgot to spray the two main hatch doors...

I then started to do a bit of work on the inside, and painted the first NATO camo stripes on the outside in black:

This is how the whole thing looks right now:

Still a fair way to go - but progress is being made...

That's all for now


18 July 2014

M113G Panzermorser W-I-P

Today I ended up quite unexpectedly spending 1/2 the day at home.  So instead of actually finishing something like a normal person would - I started something new!

A few months back I picked up a couple of these quite cheaply:

And I had a cunning plan - to modify them into M113G Panzermorsers like these:

So after fiddling around for a few hours - this is what I came up with:

Still very much a W-I-P but I'm pretty happy with how it's looking thus far.

More soon



09 July 2014

What the.....? Part 3 - An attempt at a Work-In-Progress

Quick update as I managed to progress things a bit more today - so just some quick photos.

The hangar/shelters have dried and today had some tea leaves and chopped up coriander (dried) leaves added.  Here they are drying in the sun:

On a roll I added the grass to the bases:

Next up is painting the shelters and adding the final touches to the bases.

That's all for now


06 July 2014

What the....? Part 2 - An attempt at a Work-In-Progress

OK - so it's not so much of a What the...? anymore because in the Part 1 post here Pete guessed it pretty quickly - so they are officially bases for a Harrier hide or dispersal site. 

So I finally got a little more work done on them this weekend.  The bases have been base coated and given a quick dry-brush - so they now look like this:

Now they need to be grassed and then the metal "decking" added in the 3 lines on each base.

I've also started work on the camouflaged netting shelters.  Here 3 of them not long after being made - still very wet with glue & water:

Finally - here's a couple of photos of my prototype shelter I made the day before - all dry and ready for the next stage - placed on top of one of the bases so you can better imagine how it might eventually look.

Not perfect by a long shot - but pretty reasonable and I'm happy with them so far.

That's it for now - need to take a couple more photos and then the next post will be a tutorial on my US Woodland Cam.



22 June 2014

Cold War British Infantry

Keeping up the seemingly random nature of my painting and therefore posting, today's photos are of some British Infantry I prepared for our last game.  They are a mix of Liberation Miniatures and Elhiem Figures.

Here goes:

Liberation Minatures British NCOs - Front & Back

Liberation Miniatures Carl Gustav and Light Mortar - Front & Back

Elhiem Figures M72 LAW - Front & Back

Elhiem Figures - Officer and NCO - Front & Back

Elhiem Figures - Milan Teams

One of each (so the match fairly well) - Remote Firing Team - for use with a CVR(T) Striker or a FV438 Swingfire.  Remote was scratch built by me (if you couldn't tell...) and I'm not happy with the humungous sized wire spool - but was the only one I could find and fiddle with in my bit's box.  It will do until I find a more appropriately sixed spool.

That's all for now


14 June 2014

US Army in Europe - Cold War Infantry

This is the first look at a new sub-project I've slowly been building up for a while now - some in boxes, some put together and some, finally, painted.

Rather than jump straight into armour - I thought it best if I have a crack at conpleting some infantry first.  Years (2007 I think) ago I had picked up a few of these boxes:

There's a excellent review of this set here at Plastic Soldier Review.  Needless to say, whilst I liked some of the figures I could never really get past the soft plastic nature of them.  I thought I'd spend hours painting them, just for the paint to rub off...  So they sat in their box for 7 years or so.

Then about a month ago, browsing through Hobbyco in Sydney I stumbled across these:

Finding Preiser infantry sets retail in Australia is akin to winning the lottery.  So I grabbed these and quickly put them together.  There's another excellent review of these figures at Plastic Soldier Review here.

Then I also got my hands on a few of Elhiem's great figures.  Right now he only has a limited range specifically for US Cold War - so I got some of them, and I also got a couple of other sets - like the 1990s US Ranger sets that have M16s etc.

So anyway - I've just finished painting some and having been a while, decided to post them up here before even putting some grass on the bases... lazy huh...  All figures have been painted in what I'll call my simplistic Woodland Cam.

So I'll start with the Revell figures - I've only used a few to fill in specific slots missing or needing additional weapons in the Preiser set

The Dragon gunner is possibly one of the most useful figures in the Revell set.

A couple of good useful poses.  M203 Grenadier.

SAW gunner and RTO

Now onto the Prieser.  The box gives you 2 exact same sets.  I didn't use the female soldier in the set, and did one set by the book and tried to mix up the second set a little for some variation.  Here's a sample:

HQ or Platoon Command troops - looking suitably confused.  Love the poses here - where else do you get a guy scratching his head?  Unfortunately - the pointing NCO is the only figure with a M203 in the set.

Walking chaps - or should that be dudes.  Middle dude has a SAW.

More walking guys with M16s

Now onto some Elhiem figures.  These are not the Cold war figures - I'll be using them in a tutorial soon.  These are IBA03 as far as I can remember.  Not perfect for Cold War mid 1980s - but good enough for me.

Finally for comparison purposes - here one from each manufacturer:

From Left to Right: Prieser, Elhiem then Revell.

So that's it for now