26 February 2017

A question of sorts...

Hi everyone.  Sorry for my lack of posts but I've been quite sick recently and when I was able to get out of my sick bed and do something fun (in a quiet and constrained kind of way of course) I fiddled around with a bit of WW2 stuff for a change.

Now I'm starting to feel slightly human again (although to be honest right now it's ever so slightly) I thought I'd ask you all a question.

I'm sure I've read (or saw) somewhere that during the Cold War, a significant amount of West German civilian infrastructure (and in this case I mean things like trucking and other land vehicles) would have been taken up into service.  Pretty much every truck had a military role pre-assigned to it.  I assume that it would be the same in many of the smaller NATO members (read Denmark), even down to some "Home Guard" units using pressed civilian vehicles as their transport vehicles.

Over time, I've bought quite a few Oxford diecast vehicles, mainly for dressing the table with suitable 1980's era vehicles you might find in North West Europe.  But some of these will also make great rides for my newly finished Danish Home Guard.  Here's some examples:

Now I'm going to dirty these up to make them more lived in, but here's my question:  If a Home Guard type unit had pressed these kind of vehicles into service, do you think they would have repainted them, added cam nets, stowage or other things to make them appear "More military" or do you think they would not have bothered?

I'm torn.  Part of me thinks they'd do something to make them more military and less obvious for detection.  Assuming that a Soviet Hind pilot is likely to light up anything he sees moving in a NATO area.  But I also think you could go with the whole hiding in plain sight option.  Park one of these in a garage or in the street outside a house, and it just looks like another abandoned vehicle.  Travelling together it might look like just another group of refugees moving around behind the combat area...

The other point for not re-painting, camming up etc is that in games where they are not being used as home guard vehicles, they can be used a standard street furniture.

So what do you think?



12 February 2017

SKOT News - from S&S Models

I've just been having a look in the recently added pics in S&S Models Photo Gallery and found something that 20mm Cold War Polish wargamers might appreciate - a couple of SKOT-2A variants!

First up the standard APC

And a command variant:

I'm guessing that at some time in the future I may be ending up with a few of these....



07 February 2017

Polish Motor Rifle Platoon

Next on the list for completion in 2017 is my Polish Motor Rifle Platoon.  It's a simple plan really - get enough troops (to begin with ☺) for a full strength platoon, and some support systems. Liberation Miniatures (RH Models) are the only real option in 20mm and it looks like they are starting to expand their Cold War NATO and WARPAC figures - which is great news.

I won't post up a full painting tutorial/guide today (as I left my notes at home) but that will come soon enough.  I found almost everything I needed to know about the Polish uniform at Camopedia which lead me to want the uniforms to look a bit like this:

The camo pattern was called "worm" and was used from 1968 until the end of the 1980's.  Osprey's Warsaw Pact Ground Forces book has a good drawing of a Polish Motor Rifle infantry man - which shows how the camo uniform looks when worn:

I decided that in 20mm I did not need to paint the wormy dots!  So this is how the Platoon Commander and 2IC turned out:

Photos are not the best - I was in a bit of a rush...

Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 3

Each squad has a NCO, RPK gunner, RPG gunner and 4 riflemen.  Squad 3 has one of the riflemen replaced with a designated marksmen with a SVD sniper rifle.

Together the platoon looks like this:

I have about 3 more figures to paint to finish off the FO team, PKM team and SAM team.

That's it for now



02 February 2017

Some news from Revell

I saw this bit of news while having a look at the 2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair on Prime Portal.  Sadly there only seemed to be one kit that was useful to 1/72 Cold War gaming - but it's a goody.  A T-55 AM/AM2B.

I hope these photos work!



30 January 2017

Hjemmeværnet (The Danish Home Guard) - Part 3

Today, it's all about the my Hjemmeværnet anti-tank team.  These are not part of the basic infantry platoon but under the Battlegroup system you get Platoon Support Options - which are basically company level assets that have been assigned to the platoon.

In my Danish list, one of these assets is a anti-tank team armed with a 84mm Carl Gustav MAW.

The MAW gunner is an Elhiem figure, while his two riflemen assistants are Wartime Miniatures

Currently these are the only Platoon Support Options I have for my Hjemmeværnet, but I do plan on finding a suitable figure for a medic, and I have yet to decide if I'll use the Wartime US Late War mortar team as my Home Guard mortar team.  They are moving rather than firing so I'm umming and ahhing at the moment.

Anyway - that's all my painted Home Guard for the moment - but Part 4 will have something a little different...



29 January 2017

Hjemmeværnet (The Danish Home Guard) - Part 2

Alrighty then...  Now to some actual miniatures!

First up, the majority of the miniatures you'll see here today are from Wartime Miniatures from here in Australia.  These are really lovely, crisp figures and I can't recommend them enough.  As always, I'll say up front, I'm no expert, so in my opinion, these figures exude the the look of late WW2 US infantry.  Many are really cold and grungy looking, like you might see in the movie "Fury" - most of these I had to exclude as they were a bit more grungy than what I wanted my Hjemmeværnet chaps to look like.  They still look pretty cold though...

As I said previously, I did some simple green-stuffery to the helmets on all the figures.  Here's the Platoon Command:

I did front & back photos for just this unit, to help get the idea of want they looked like.  Two of the figures, the two to the left (which I think are the officer and radio operator) have had netting added to their helmets.  The centre right chap (an NCO?) has had some scrim added to his helmet.  The chap on the far right was an experiment to see if I could do helmet covers like Elhiem does.  Answer - NO!

Now the first squad:

First row: NCO with SMG (weapon conversion), MG42 machine gunner (Elhiem figure), BAR gunner, rifleman

Second row: 4 more riflemen

Second squad:

First row: NCO with rifle, MG42 machine gunner (Elhiem figure - with netting helmet), BAR gunner, rifleman

Second row: 4 riflemen (two are the same figure - but I did different helmet styles to make them look a little unique)

Now a bit of a close up of the SMG armed NCO to show of the weapon conversion:

And a view of what I tried to arm him with:

And here's a spare rifleman figure, in case one squad decides not to upgrade a rifleman to a BAR gunner: 

So that's the actual platoon by my TO&E.  I do have one support option painted up - but that's for tomorrow!



28 January 2017

Cancon 2017 Stash

Just a quick update as yesterday I was able to pop down to Canberra to go to Cancon for a look-see. Nothing super exciting on the 20mm Cold War front - although I must say I saw some very nice 15mm Team Yankee armies in action - with some kit still unavailable in 20mm - such as the LARS-1.  (Hint Hint if anyone is listening out there!)

Anyway - I still managed to snag a couple of bargains.  First up this 1/72 Amercom Sea Harrier

So that's one model I won't have to buy/build now - although I'll need to do some surgery to this to make it look a bit more flying about and looking menacing, rather than just come into land.

Next (and last) is a couple of old issues of the Strategy & Tactics magazine I've been after for a while:

I now have most of the Cold War issues, although I'm still after the NORDKAPP issue.  $30 for these was pretty good.  They are in terrific nick - someone has really looked after these.  Then, of course, I found a copy of the Berlin '85 issue I got from Ebay - similar price but this one looked much healthier - but I didn't get it.

So I also got a little bit of WW2 stuff and some Renedra bases for SAGA, but managed to talk myself out of any other purchases... What's becoming of me???  Must be getting old!

Anyway - I managed to take some proper photos of my Danish Home Guard today so they'll likely appear here tomorrow.

have fun