16 May 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Revised Soviet Lists and West German AFV Data Cards

It's been a while between drinks and I still haven't quite sorted out the AAR that I was supposed to put up a couple of weeks back... Anyhoo...

Part of the reason for not putting up the AAR is that I've been going through all the Soviet lists revising/re-editing them for the 57th time.  Right now I feel they are getting pretty close to what I would call finalised and so I wanted to put them up today.  So here they are

Soviet Tank Division Battlegroup - Central Europe

Soviet Motorised Rifle Division Battlegroup - Central Europe

Soviet Desant Battlegroup - coming soon

Soviet Naval Infantry Battlegroup

Soviet 45th Motorised Rifle Division Battlegroup - Northern Front

I've also received some new Data Cards from Greg (Chairborne) - this time for the West Germans.  Once again Greg has done a brilliant job and I'm super impressed.  I used his cards in my last game and they were very helpful.

 West German AFV Data Cards

So let me know what you think about these new lists and cards.  I'll answer any question I can hear or on the Battlegroup Forum.



15 April 2018

New Playtest Part 1

Hi there

It's been a while since I posted as life has seriously gotten in the way. I'm also about to hit that point when my Photobucket account officially ends and I've been looking at alternatives - so today I thought I'd try 4 pictures of the table(s) set up for my last playtest game - which I'll explain more about tomorrow.

So this is a bit of a test.

Table 1 - NATO end

Table 1 - Soviet end

Table 2 - NATO end

Table 2 - Soviet end

Well my test seems to have worked... Fingers crossed!



27 March 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Some new rules and BAOR AFV Data Cards

Morning everyone

Over the past few weeks I have been looking at the feedback I have been getting from players on their Battlegroup: Cold War games.  Everyone seems to be really enjoying their games - which I'm very chuffed with - but there seem to be a couple of points that some questions have been raised about.  These points reinforce some of my own concerns that have come up in our games.

1.  Soviet Orders
Many people feel like the Soviets have far too many orders - especially when you are playing larger games and take a company of Tanks and/or Motorised Infantry.  Each company gives you 4 officers, so before you roll any dice for orders you can automatically have 8+ free orders.  If you are then adding 3D6, and using Stal! Stal! Stal! you can get a whole lot done.  All the orders mean that Soviet units don't have to really act like Soviet units - which doesn't quite give the right feel to the game.

2. NATO Shooting
Quite a few people - generally NATO players - have commented on how crappy their shooting has been - especially when trying to take out Soviet tanks at long range.  In an age of stabilised guns and all sorts of fire control wizardly this does not sit well.  Some have called for all NATO units to always be +1 to hit.  I've long felt that this is a swing too much in the other direction, especially when you are using top of the line NATO tanks, which often have +1 to observe, +1 to hit and ignore a number of other die modifiers.

Anyway - I've been thinking about this for a long time and think I may have come up with some rules to better reflect both, give the game a bit more flavour and hopefully strengthen the game-balance and feel.

So please have a look at these new orders rules and new special rules and let me know what you think.

New Orders Rules and Special Rules

Without going and editing all the lists (at this stage) I suggest the following.  Soviet Officers only count for orders if they come from the Forward HQ section of the list or are Company Commanders elsewhere in the list.

NATO units with the Proficient Crew special rule are any unit rate Regular or better.

Finally I have just received the next set of AFV Cards from Greg (Chairborne) and again he has done a really lovely job and I appreciate him letting me post them up here.


 I'll be printing these off and using them soon.  More will follow soon, I'm sure.

So thanks everyone and I look forward to your thoughts on the new rules.


25 March 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Final Dutch 1(NL) Corps List and Dutch AFV Data

Morning all

Just letting you know I have "completed" the Dutch 1(NL) Corps Army List and the Dutch AFV Data Table for your viewing pleasure.  And here they are:

Dutch Armoured Brigade Battlegroup

Dutch AFV Data

As always I'm interested in any feedback, errors etc.  I'm also sure there are better pictures out there, but these are what I could find.  Some are people personal pics posted up on the net, and I mean absolutely no disrespect (quite the opposite in fact) by using them.

So - please ignore the Draft list now and use this one instead - and go buy some Dutch stuff and get a  game in!


19 March 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Draft Dutch 1(NL) Corps List

Just a quick update today with an army list so new I'm putting it out there in a very vanilla format with no pics or glossary.

So here is the draft list:

Dutch Army List

There are a number of Dutch wargamers (some ex-veterans of the Dutch Army) who have been waiting for this list, so I'm releasing it in this format so they can go over it with a fine-toothed comb and pick up on all my errors!

In the meantime I can work on the Dutch AFV Data Table, pick some photos and finish off the glossary - so we can have a final product asap.

Thanks and let me know what you think


18 March 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Soviet AFV Data Cards and Four Covers

Well here's a very nice change in pace for my blog.  Nothing you see here today was done by me!  I've been very pleased with people especially in the UK and United States giving the Battlegroup Cold War playtest rules a bit of a go, and generally I've had very positive and useful feedback.

Greg (also known as Chairborne on the old Guild) has very kindly spent some time making some Soviet AFV Data Cards for the game.  He has also allowed me to share them here:

Soviet AFV Data Cards

I'm really impressed by these and it's my understanding he'll be working on some BAOR cards next.

I was then contacted by Jason (owner of the Twilight 2000 Miniature Wargaming Blog - amongst many other things) who has decided to print off the various lists etc and make up books out of them.  He also decided to create covers for the books and like Greg has allowed me to share them here:

Cover for NATO Armies

Cover for NATO Weapons

WarPac Army Lists Cover

WarPac Weapons Cover

So thanks to them both and to all that have tried the game or provided me with feedback.  It's all considered.

I'll be adding these to the sidebar and the the Battlegroup Forum later today.  Hopefully the draft Dutch list will be up for comment later this week.



04 March 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - VDV AFV Data

Just a very quick update today as I it was pointed out to me that I had not uploaded the VDV's AFV Data.  I went back and had a look at what I had done a while back and realised I had not gotten around to finishing it - so not it is finished (as a first draft) and ready to be shared.

Here is the link:

Soviet VDV AFV Data

I'll also be updating the VDV list to version 2 later today.



28 February 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Helicopters!

Hi All

Tonight I'm posting up my first hack at a decent list of helicopters.  I would suggest that this list should supersede the list in the unofficial rulebook.  Here they are:

NATO Helicopter Data Set

WARPAC Helicopter Data Set

Like I said - they are a wee bit of a hack so I'd be interested in any feedback on thinks like IR Jamming, Countermeasures etc.  Those plus size, speed etc add together to create the Combined Defence Rating and can have an impact on Damage points.

Anyway - let me know what you think.

On another point - I've revised the following:

NATO Gun Data Table
Soviet Gun Data Table

UK AFV Data Table
Soviet AFV Data Table

UK Armoured Division Battlegroup List
Soviet Tank Division Battlegroup List
Soviet Motorised Rifle Division Battlegroup List
Soviet Leningrad Motorised Rifle Division Battlegroup List

The gun data tables should look a bit cleaner and have a couple of changes within them.  The AFV data tables have been adjusted a little with the T-64B and BV made a bit better - about equal to a slightly downgraded T-72 equivalent.

The UK Armoured list has been adjusted as per some feedback, as have the Soviet lists and I've adjusted some of the points costs for tanks in the Soviet lists.



21 February 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Soviet VDV Desant Division Battlegroup List

So - much to my embarrassment - here is another list that I had forgotten about....

Turns out it was a lot more finished than I remembered - even more finished than the West German Jaeger list.

I do need to explain that I have split the Soviet VDV into two lists - a Desant list and an Air Assault list.  The first ( the one I'm sharing today) is a paratrooper, jump from planes or land in planes list, while the latter is all about helicopters and so in addition tot he VDV will also include DShB troops.

It's how it worked in my head so I'm sticking to it!

Anyway... here it is

Soviet Desant Division Battlegroup

Let me know what you think.  As always I'll replicate this in the bar on the side.



13 February 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - BAOR Infantry Division List

Pretty random update today.

Yesterday I was asked if I was going to do a British Infantry list for my BG: Cold War variant.  I went and had a quick look around as I knew I had started such a list - and then realised it was actually about 98% complete.  So I spent a bit of time finishing it off and here it is:

BAOR Infantry Division List

Now I'll freely admit that I find all the multitude of different British regiments and TO&Es etc a wee bit confusing so I hope I've done this some justice.  Please let me know about any faults etc.

So I think this is my fourth British list and I have in mind a possible 3 more if people are interested:

  • 5th Airborne Brigade (which could also be used to form the UK part of ACE Mobile Force)
  • 6th Airmobile Brigade
  • UK Mobile Force (which you could probably do with the BAOR Infantry List to be honest)
Anyway - who know what I'll find next that is nearly finished... West German Jaeger perhaps?

Have fun


12 February 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - Quick Reference Sheet(s)

So finally I've gotten around to loading this up.  I took a little while to review as I've made a fair amount of changes over time, so I needed to make sure it was up-to-date and matched the rules.  I'd say if you find any differences between the QRS and the rules - stick with the rules!  (And let me know)

So here is the link to the QRS

It's 4 pages long (which seems a bit long) but the first two pages have all the charts you need to play most of the game, while the second two pages have ATGM, LAW, RPG etc stats and SAM stats.  Hopefully this will mean less leafing through the book mid game.

If you print off the vehicle and gun stats you need and then use the QRS should should hardly need to refer to the rulebook except in weird circumstances.

Also there is now a new Official Battlegroup Forum which has a section to discuss the development of Battlegroup: NORTHAG.  You can find it here.



05 February 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - Norwegian and USMC AFV Data

Sorry it's been a while since updates.  It's partly because I've been a bit busy and partly because I've been in mourning for the loss of The Guild.  It's very sad that it's gone - mainly due to the loss of all that content, knowledge and inspiration.  It was always a great place to ask questions and chat about the latest shiney thing to hit the wargames market.  I was also hoping it might be a place to see some playtesting on this first crack at BG: NORTHAG.

But anyway - in order to complete all the lists I currently have up here on the blog, here are the Norwegian and USMC AFV data sheets.

Norwegian AFV Data


So now all I have to do is post up the Helicopter Data and I'm kind of done.

Just so you know I'm currently working on the Dutch and East German Army Lists and they will be followed by VDV, Polish and Belgian lists.  Then West German Fallshirmjager, then...................

So still lots to do.

Have fun


24 January 2018

A quick comment

Hi All

Just something I should have made more clear from my first post on the Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War rules (and I've now gone back and updated that page):

I've shared various iterations of these rules with Piers and Warwick who have provided very valuable feedback and direction that, along with playtesting, have lead this variant to where it is now. So the package of rules that is listed in the first blog post contains work and ideas from Warwick, Piers and myself that can be considered a very early draft of Ironfist Publishing's planned Battlegroup:NORTHAG. It is very much the beginning of the project and should be seen as a Work-In-Progress.

So Warwick and Piers are looking for feedback on the rules and will be reading any AARs that are posted up on The Guild with interest. This is can be seen as an opportunity to have a crack at the rules, and let them know what you think. This is a chance to positively influence BG:NORTHAG with practical, useful feedback and hopefully get a fun game in as well.

I hope this clarifies things.



21 January 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - Aircraft Data

The second post for the day revolves around aircraft data that will allow you to use the aircraft listed in the army lists.  Please not weapons data is not included here - it is found in the relevant section on aircraft in the army lists.

NATO Aircraft Data

Soviet Aircraft Data

These lists are not comprehensive but should cover the lists already provided.  The Soviet list looks pretty scant compared to the NATO list - so I may have missed something!

A lot of the info in the data is not really necessary in the game - as you primarily use the Combined Defence Rating, Damage Points and the Special Rules.



My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Northern Front Lists

Hi everyone - a couple of very quick posts today - the first of which will have links to several NATO and one Soviet list for the Northern (Arctic) Front.  These can of course be combined with the Soviet Naval Infantry and Danish lists I've previously provided.  So here are the NATO lists which should be pretty self-explanatory:

Norwegian Battlegroup

Canadian CAST Battle Group

Royal Marine Commando Battlegroup

USMC Battlegroup

The Soviet list is for Motor Rifle Troops from the Leningrad Military District which are specialised in Arctic warfare.  The List covers both Category 1 or A (whichever book you read) and Category 2 or B Motorised Rifle Divisions.  Here it is

Leningrad District Motor Rifle Division Battlegroup

Any questions etc please let me know.  Always happy to take comments and feedback



18 January 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Central Front AFV and Weapon Data

As the final part of this weeks uploads which will complete everything you really need to play my variant of Battlegroup:Cold War I'm adding all the Soviet and NATO AFV and gun data for the lists I provided earlier this week.

First up the NATO info:

Canadian AFV Data

Danish AFV Data



West German AFV Data

NATO Gun Data

Now the Soviet info:

Soviet Army AFV Data

Soviet SNI Data

Soviet Gun Data

I've tried to stat the vehicles and guns as best I could, but as always I don't claim to be 100% knowledgeable on this stuff, just tried to piece it together from what I've read over the years.  As I said earlier we've go decent games from these stats and where we ended up with "What the.." moments I've adjusted values accordingly.

Also happy to get feedback, corrections, suggestions and even objections!  Happy to make changes where appropriate.

So that's pretty much it for this week.  I'm away for work most of next week so my not get much of a chance to add any more info - but immediately after that I'll start adding the Arctic Front lists and stats.  I've also to add Aircraft and Helicopter data when I can.



17 January 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Central Front Soviet Lists

Now onto Part 3 of the upload of my Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War information

Today I've uploaded the two primary Soviet lists for Central Front scenarios.  They are as follows:

Soviet Tank Division Battlegroup

Soviet Motorised Rifle Infantry Division Battlegroup

With these two lists you should be able to put together forces representative of pretty much anything the Soviets fielded in GSFG and the Western TVD follow-on forces from the late 1970s/early 1980s up until around 1987.

I also have a Soviet Airborne/Heliborne list but I'm not 100% happy with it so won't post it up yet.

As I said yesterday, both lists have been pointed/BR'd and I've tried to make the points as accurate as I can in comparison to the other lists in the game.  However, I don't claim them to be 100% perfect, but we've had some good games out of them.

Again I am very keen to get any feedback, corrections, suggestions, objections etc etc.

Thanks again for the interest


16 January 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Central Front NATO Lists

OK - part 2 of the upload of my Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War information.

Today I've uploaded my completed NATO Central Front Lists.  They are as follows:

West German Panzer Division Battlegroup (works for Panzergrenadiers as well)

United Stated Armoured Division Battlegroup (works for Mech Infantry as well)

UK Armoured Division Battlegroup (works for Mech Infantry as well)

UK Berlin Brigade Battlegroup

Canadian 4CMBG Battlegroup

I have plans and have also started lists for Belgians and Dutch, along with other types of forces for the Americans, Brits and West Germans.  One day I'll get around to doing the French as well.

The lists have all been pointed/BR'd and I've tried to make the points and BR as accurate as I can in comparison to the other lists.  It's not a perfect set of points by any means but they have worked quite well in our various playtest games.

Once again I'd be interested in any feedback, corrections, objection etc etc



14 January 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War Rules

For the first post of 2018 (and my 400th post) I have a short but significant (to me anyway) link to share.  After seeing another Battlegroup Cold War type rules variant posted on The Guild, I asked Piers and Warwick if they were OK with me posting up my variant of the rules for others to use.  Piers basically said "Go for it" so now I'm posting them.

Over the past few years I've shared various iterations of these rules with Warwick and Piers who have provided valuable feedback and direction that, along with the playtests you may have seen on this blog, have lead this variant to where it is now.  So the rules you see below contains work and ideas from Warwick, Piers and myself that could be considered to be a very early draft of what will be Ironfist Publishing's planned Battlegroup:NORTHAG.  It is very much the beginning of the project and should be seen as a Work-In-Progress.

So Warwick and Piers are looking for feedback on the rules and I'd suggest you post feedback and any AARs onto The Guild.  I'm always happy to answer questions here as well.

Here's a link to my Totally Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War Rules.  You'll note I have them listed on the right hand side as well for easy reference into the future.

Over the next few days and weeks I'll be posting links to all my weapon and vehicles statistics, army lists, quick reference sheets etc.

You'll note the rules have a couple of spots where it's clear I haven't resolved something - and I don't believe certain areas (like Helicopters) is anywhere near final - but as I said above this is a work-in-progress and its time to seek more input.

So any comments, suggestions etc will be gratefully considered.  Obviously I'd love you to try out the rules as much as you can.  Just because they work for my group of mates - they may not work for everyone and I'd like to know that.

I'll be passing on any changes that get made to the rules/lists/stats etc to Piers and Warwick - so this is kind of a chance to help shape things a little on what Battlegroup:NORTHAG might finally turn to look like.

Anyway - enough waffle from me

Thanks - and I hope you enjoy them