10 January 2017

The Shape of Things to Come - 2017

I was hoping to have a few newly completed minis to show you - but the weather is stinking hot and I couldn't survive taking photos in my office so it will have to wait.  I have a few (loose) plans for the year and thought it might be amusing to show them here in photographs with no commentary - some will be pretty damn obvious, while some may not be quite so.  To help I'll list them by nationalities.

Let's see how many you get:

Now I'm not promising to do everything on the list - but I hope to (and other stuff as well!).  Some of the figures have already started to be painted (some I don't have yet) - most of the kits have been built and are just awaiting painting.

So here's to a productive year!

Have fun everyone


1 comment:

  1. Similar to my list Rich.

    Now I have moved back to Sydney we should catch up for a game