28 January 2017

Cancon 2017 Stash

Just a quick update as yesterday I was able to pop down to Canberra to go to Cancon for a look-see. Nothing super exciting on the 20mm Cold War front - although I must say I saw some very nice 15mm Team Yankee armies in action - with some kit still unavailable in 20mm - such as the LARS-1.  (Hint Hint if anyone is listening out there!)

Anyway - I still managed to snag a couple of bargains.  First up this 1/72 Amercom Sea Harrier

So that's one model I won't have to buy/build now - although I'll need to do some surgery to this to make it look a bit more flying about and looking menacing, rather than just come into land.

Next (and last) is a couple of old issues of the Strategy & Tactics magazine I've been after for a while:

I now have most of the Cold War issues, although I'm still after the NORDKAPP issue.  $30 for these was pretty good.  They are in terrific nick - someone has really looked after these.  Then, of course, I found a copy of the Berlin '85 issue I got from Ebay - similar price but this one looked much healthier - but I didn't get it.

So I also got a little bit of WW2 stuff and some Renedra bases for SAGA, but managed to talk myself out of any other purchases... What's becoming of me???  Must be getting old!

Anyway - I managed to take some proper photos of my Danish Home Guard today so they'll likely appear here tomorrow.

have fun



  1. I've been looking for 5th Corps for awhile. Good haul!

  2. Sadly I've done some more research and of the 5 games in the series, I now have 3... So I need to find the Hof Gap and Donau Front to complete the set. One day...