30 January 2017

Hjemmeværnet (The Danish Home Guard) - Part 3

Today, it's all about the my Hjemmeværnet anti-tank team.  These are not part of the basic infantry platoon but under the Battlegroup system you get Platoon Support Options - which are basically company level assets that have been assigned to the platoon.

In my Danish list, one of these assets is a anti-tank team armed with a 84mm Carl Gustav MAW.

The MAW gunner is an Elhiem figure, while his two riflemen assistants are Wartime Miniatures

Currently these are the only Platoon Support Options I have for my Hjemmeværnet, but I do plan on finding a suitable figure for a medic, and I have yet to decide if I'll use the Wartime US Late War mortar team as my Home Guard mortar team.  They are moving rather than firing so I'm umming and ahhing at the moment.

Anyway - that's all my painted Home Guard for the moment - but Part 4 will have something a little different...




  1. Nice post and an interesting topic for gaming, making a change from the usual East-West Encounters.