22 March 2017

LandZeeland Danish Armour - W-I-P - Part 4

Moving onwards...

I ended up mixing some paint to try and match the Tamiya Luftwaffe Light Green and then began dry-brushing it onto the M41s.

Once that was done I started to paint the stowage and other bits and bobs on the vehicles:

And then gave them a wash

I added the tracks in the last two pics to try and get a sense of how the tanks are looking.  I'm pretty happy thus far - but have a few more things to do before they can count as finished.



20 March 2017

LandZeeland Danish Armour - W-I-P - Part 3

So today (and probably later this week) I'm focusing in on my two Danish M41s.  Before I go any further I should probably show you how these Warmaster M41s started out

This photo is from The Flying Mule Webstore in the States.

In the photo yesterday the M41s had all their decals removed, the searchlights added and their cam nets attached.  I then gave them a black undercoat and after 24 hours I added some blue tack to cover what would become the black stripes in the cam scheme.

Looking at pics, and from what I've read, Danish vehicles have a similar cam scheme to British vehicles, however their green colour is quite a bit brighter than the British green.  I wandered out to my garage and looked through all my Tamiya green spray cans and the one that was the most close to what I was after was the Tamiya AS-23 Luftwaffe Light Green.  I gave each vehicle a coat:

And then when dry, removed the blue tack

They looked pretty bright!  But I hoped that it would be toned down once I'd done all the next few steps - with the next step being a black pin was using Vallejo black wash.

Obviously I changed the lighting somehow here, as the green looks even brighter!  Anyway - we see the next few steps in the next post - coming soon



19 March 2017

LandZeeland Danish Armour - W-I-P - Part 2

Quick update to with more tomorrow...

I thought I'd show the Danish armour with netting added.  First up - the Centurions:

Now the M41's

And finally I decided to net up the M150 and leave the M113s without nets:

I managed to undercoat all the vehicles over the weekend, but from now on I'll be concentrating on the M41s to get them finished for a Guild build that ends on Sunday.

Anyway - more M41s tomorrow


14 March 2017

News from Oxford Diecast

Some of you may already have seen this but I was so chuffed to see these I had to share them.  As you’ll know I knocked together a couple of old Airfix 1 tonne FC Land Rovers for use by my Royal Marines (amongst others) and in the course of the build I discovered it would be really handy to have a few more.  Problem is the Airfix kits seem to be a rare as hen’s teeth.

Anyway – good old Oxford Diecast have come to the rescue with these bad boys being released soon:

I’ve seen pics of a LWB Land Rover in this cam, but never a 1 tonne Landie – but who am I to complain!  I can see I’ll be adding a few of these to my Berlin list!

Whilst this one comes with African tourist markings, I’ll be repainting these to match my other 1 tonne Landies.

Not sure if I’ll get this one, as I already have one and it will need a repaint.

I love this ½ ton Land Rover and I think I’ll keep it as is for some MPs to use in a game.

I’d get rid of the UN flags on this guy, who could then be used for all manner of things.

So – just when I think “I’ve pretty much got all the Oxford Diecast models I need” – they go and do this to me!  Thanks heaps!!

I'm sure I read somewhere (although I can't find it now) that these will be released in the UK around the middle of the year.

All good


11 March 2017

LandZeeland Danish Armour - W-I-P - Part 1

Well things have moved along a bit on my Danish project.  After much pondering I decided to do my Danes before my Norwegians - less work basically!

As I don't have 3 spare Leopard 1A4s or M41DK, but have 3 Centurions and 2 M41, I thought I would base my force on LandZeeland rather than LandJut - but realistically they could be anywhere (I'd most likely have to upgrade the M41 to M41DK - but who wouldn't want to do that anyway!  And now S&S do a conversion kit as well!!

Anyway - I thought it was time to show where things were up too:

So, in the front row from left to right: Danish M113 (Mech Infantry) Platoon vehicles and then a Centurion 5/2 Platoon - green 2 are Airfix and the sickly yellow/brown one is Britannia.  All have been converted at least a little.

Back row from left to right: 2 Warmaster M41 slightly converted by adding homemade whitelight searchlights and then a S-Model M113 converted to a M150 TOW carrier - with a converted Elhiem TOW gunner.

All that's missing from the photo is an Italeri M125 I have yet to make.  Add to that my Oxford Diecast mounted homeguard and an almost started (well undercoated) infantry platoon.

These will be the core of my Danish force for sometime I imagine - I'd love to add a Leopard 1A4 platoon, a couple of M41DK, and maybe a couple of M151 (and convert 1 to carry TOW or a recoilless rifle...).  Hopefully I will add a couple of Unimogs to represesnt standard infantry or reservists.

I'd also love to add a Saab Draken and I may or may not have an F-16 ready and waiting some Danish decals.

So that's the plans.  Now I have to add some cam netting so I can start painting.



08 March 2017

Polish Motor Rifle Special Troops

Well I finally got around to finishing and taking photos of my Liberation Miniatures (RH Models) Polish Motor Rifle Special troops. These are the guys that fall outside the standard platoon, but are still integral in almost any game.

I'll start with my Polish Forward Observer Team:

Not 100% sure why I painted three figures for this unit.  I'm sure I had a good reason at the time!

Next up a SA-7 team:

And finally a PKM GPMG team:

So my Polish Platoon plus some support done - and very happy I am with them too.  Now I just need to get them an opponent and a game... Hmmm - I think I have some Danes that will be just the ticket!  More on that soon.